Mouse Pain Relief

Jan 26, 08 Mouse Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from physical pain, instead of reaching for the acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or dozens of prescription pain killers, reach for your computer mouse instead. There’s a new alternative — a Website from respected EFT experts, Carol Look and Rick Wilkes called Pain Relief with EFT. It’s a membership site that provides you immediate access to an empowering, comprehensive audio coaching program (with companion transcripts), articles and tips. Their site is designed to bring you relief in your body and mind by raising your vibration, teaching you to master your focus, and offering exercises to improve your quality of life using EFT. If you’re ready to explore releasing beliefs and emotions that may underlie the core of your pain, you owe it to yourself to try their program. There’s no risk because they offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. Use your mouse to click on over to Pain Relief with EFT.

Over the years, EFT has proven to be an effective tool for helping deal with pain. I believe options like Rick and Carol’s new site, Pain Relief with EFT, are important because there are so many adverse effects to over the counter and prescription pain drugs. For example, according to a recent article, a Hidden Cause of Headache Pain, in the New York Times, “Half of chronic migraines, and as many as 25 percent of all headaches, are actually “rebound” episodes triggered by the overuse of common pain medications. Both prescription and over-the-counter drugs may be to blame.” Also, recently the FDA issued a warning on pain relief patches for treating chronic pain because their misuse or misprescribing can lead to an overdose or death. If you’re taking pain medications, be assertive in asking your doctor about any adverse effects and take the time to do some online research for yourself. Explore alternative treatments. Your health and life is in your hands.

Lastly, Carol Look and Rick Wilkes have the integrity to match their talents. Anything they do is first-class. Here’s what they offer to subscribers to their service:

  • Instant access to 31 audio files to help you feel relief from painful emotional states
  • Instant access to dozens of guided EFT tapping rounds to clear limiting beliefs and free up more of your energy for self-healing
  • Instant access to audio coaching sessions with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes so you know how to benefit every day from this surprisingly effective approach to physical and emotional pain relief
  • Instant access to detailed EFT tapping scripts as well as transcripts of audio coaching sessions (perfect for the hearing impaired and those without computer audio)
  • Ongoing weekly support for your improved well-being through access to new pain relief coaching audios, exercises, and articles posted weekly
  • Schedules and access to upcoming teleclasses
  • Pre-recorded teleclasses using EFT to relieve pain
  • Case studies using EFT for Pain Relief
  • Valuable energy exercises to raise your vibration

If you have physical pain of any kind, take them up on their free 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. They’re taking the risk in providing you with a new cutting-edge service for pain relief and quality of life. Get Pain Relief with EFT.

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