Color Holiday Blues Shades of Orange

Dec 03, 08 Color Holiday Blues Shades of Orange

This post is an update to one I wrote in 2006 about the “Holiday Blues.” Around this time of year do you get the Holiday Blues? Think orange. On the color wheel, orange is the opposite of blue. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulates mental activity and produces an invigorating effect. Orange includes the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange is associated with sunshine and joy. It represents enthusiasm, happiness, fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, encouragement, stimulation and success. Orange is symbolic of endurance and strength. It’s the color of basketballs, carrots, yams, pumpkin pie and oranges. And don’t forget the Orange Bowl football game. This Hanukkah or Christmas, turn your holidays orange or any color but blue. Here are some tips for you.

Let’s start with these articles on ways you can use EFT and energy methods:

The Gift to Unwrap and Use before the Holidays! by AnaMaria Herrera
Using EFT for the Holidays by Figen Genco, BA
Silent Night Sadness — When Music Gives You the Holiday Blues By Jayne Morgan-Kidd
Rx for the Holiday Blues by Rebecca Marina

Here’s a good EFT video:

How to Create Christmas Abundance by Michelle Childerly

Here other general articles you may find that help:

Beat the Holiday Blues (University of Maryland Medical Center)
How to Not Let Holiday Blues Color Your Job (msnbc)
Holiday Depression and Stress (Mental Health America)
Seniors and the “Holiday Blues” (

And these videos:

Holiday Blues — Depression by Dr. Greg Janz
Holiday Depression by Dr. Greg Janz
Healthy Action Minute on Holiday Blues by Dr. Josh Klapow

Lastly, a good technique I use is to get amused or amazed by something. This holiday season, dump the blues. Jump into the color orange.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you so glad you read this?

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  1. Paul, I here you!The cost of staying the same is for most pleope a feeling of safety, security and perhaps to a lesser extent comfort. The huge, no massive irony or paradox being: most pleope I come across don’t have a huge amount of feeling safe or secure in their current position of comfort. The words heard and follow come to mind.It is only when they are FORCED to make a change i.e lose everything and have no other place to go, do they then begin to think, actually what I thought of as safe and secure was the most unsafe and insecure place I could have been.Happy TravelsA

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