TappyBear Teaches Kids EFT Easily

Jan 29, 09 TappyBear Teaches Kids EFT Easily

A few years ago I sent a Vermont Teddy Bear as a gift to a friend to cheer her up. It was cool. She loved it. Now there’s another kind of bear that makes a great gift. It’s an interactive, practical gift that teaches EFT for cheering someone up or helping them deal with all kinds of other emotional concerns. In particular, it a wonderful gift for kids. I bought a couple of TappyBears when they were introduced in 2007. I sent one to my niece’s daughter who had trouble falling asleep. It’s her best buddy now. Helping kids learn EFT an an early age can prevent unresolved issues from carrying over into later years.

TappyBear is a cuddly teddy bear that has buttons on it which show the EFT Shortcut tapping points. Each TappyBear includes an embroidered cotton bag for easy storage and convenient transport. TappyBear was developed by Till Schilling’s daughters, Maria Christina and Anna Daniela.


TappyBear has come a long way since it was introduced because there are now other complementary products. Tap Along with Tappy is a playful way to teach EFT to children. It includes both a DVD and CD. The DVD is divided into two tracks and a total of eight parts. The first five parts include finding the tapping spots, the tapping song, and tapping along with TappyBear on two different issues.

Dr. Patricia Carrington does the voiceover instructions accompanied by Joanne Adler singing and Ben Blakesley on guitar. If you want to teach young children how to do EFT, it’s important to keep it simple and repetitive. The song is an easy one for kids to learn, and Dr. Carrington taps along at both slow and high speeds. The short instructions included are important to getting the most out of the package.

While the DVD/CD combo is a nice introduction to Tappy and EFT, the book, A Guide to TappyBear, provides more in-depth ways to use Tappy. The guide is also authored by Dr. Carrington and has the “how to” information you need. At just under 100 pages, you can breeze through the book in short order. The guide includes chapters on how Tappy works with children, using Tappy in a medical setting, and TappyBear for adults.

While, you’ll be happy just ordering Tappy alone, I recommend you get the TappyBear Instruction System because it includes Tappy, the guide and the DVD/CD. This way, you’ll get maximum value out of TappyBear. If you’ve got kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or children you care about, getting them a TappyBear as a gift is an investment in their well-being. It’s a fine way to teach EFT to kids of all ages using a lovable bear. By the way, TappyBear lives all over the world in countries like Australia, Chile, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Lastly, even if you don’t have kids, you can help. The TappyBear Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity. If you’re a US citizen, your contribution to the foundation is 100% tax deductible. By making a tax deductible contribution to the TappyBear Foundation, you’ll have the satisfaction of bringing the comfort, help, and loving presence of TappyBear to children and adults worldwide who can benefit from his gentle form of healing.

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