The EFT Switchwords Experiment 56

The EFT Switchwords Experiment

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One of the values of EFT and tapping is that it often “bubbles up” issues at a subconscious level so we can release them. In his book, The Secret of Perfect Living, James T. Mangan, said that to achieve the ultimate in personal joy the key is to bring your conscious and subconscious selves together and hold them together for every second of your entire life. He developed his own way of tapping into the subconscious mind with what he called, “Switchwords,” which are single word affirmations. Here’s how it happened.

“At the instant of noon, Sunday, March 10, 1951, a word fell out of the sky and into my arms. The word seemed to be alive, and like a living spirit, it said confidently and unmistakably, “I am the HOW in “How to achieve happiness on this earth.” The magical, heaven-sent word that came to me that day brought with it the perfect formula for living a life, the revelation of the first and immediate aim in the life of every man. The word was the familiar, supremely obvious word: “TOGETHER.” I began saying TOGETHER to myself quietly, easily, without command. No exclamation point followed it, and no verb or adjective was connected with it. TOGETHER. Nothing else. TOGETHER. Then a pause. Then — TOGETHER. Every time I said the word to myself, a remarkable reaction took place. The word would touch off a deep, prolonged sigh of a quality I had not known for years.”

Over a period of at least ten years, he developed and experimented with with different Switchwords. Here’s a short list of Switchwords that James Mangan said worked successfully for people in hundreds and hundreds of cases.switchwords for blog

Here’s how I suggest using Switchwords with EFT:

  1. Allow 5 to 10 minutes every day to do this.
  2. Each day, pick an intention and its corresponding Switchword. Just pick one that feels right to you.
  3. Find a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted to do this.
  4. Set your intention and do rounds of EFT tapping while repeating your Switchword at each of the different points. Only say your Switchword, no other words.
  5. Do EFT and Switchwords rounds of tapping for five to ten minutes or whatever time feels right for you.
  6. Write down your results.
  7. Share your results by writing a comment on this post.

To learn more about Switchwords, read James Mangan’s book, The Secret of Perfect Living. Also, do a Google search and you’ll find more information on Switchwords or visit

Lastly, I’ve got a proposition for you. Join me in doing your this “EFT and Switchwords Experiment.” It’s free to sign up. Each day for 10 days, we’ll automatically send you an email with the SwitchWord for the day along with instructions. This is a great reminder and way to create positive changes. You can sign up for the playful experiment by simply filling in your name, email and hitting the Submit button. Go ahead. DO.



  1. Lynna

    This looks interesting, I like that it is very simple and there is no need to come up with set up phrases. I am a little hesitant to use the switchword “SUFFER”. The other switchwords make sense to me, this one does not, why would you use “SUFFER” to handle success or prosperity? I’d love to hear some thoughts/comments on that. Thanks for all you do and share.

    Posted on March 25, 2009
  2. Ron Ball


    I thought the same thing when I read this Switchword in James Mangan’s book. Keep in mind that he tried different words and discovered that this word worked for him. Given that, his book was first published over 70 years ago. The vernacular today is quite different. Lynna, you might try using the word, “suffer.” Or as I would recommend to anyone doing EFT, use what looks right, sounds right or is most comfortable for you. Use your intuition to find a word that plays right for you.

    Posted on March 25, 2009
  3. Barbara St. Dennis

    I have been using switchwords in my practice for a while now, and I completely agree with Mangam that TOGETHER is truly the master switchword. I have clients do the setup, “Even though I feel so separate and alone,” which can be a big issue for most of us, especially spiritually, followed by rounds of tapping using the word TOGETHER. Boy, do things get moving! Many issues are resolved just from that, but key issues come up and can be addressed. I have had trouble getting to sleep my whole life and the SW, OFF has worked almost every night. It seems my body has reset and I now go to sleep easily.

    Posted on April 10, 2009
  4. Angela Treat Lyon

    Lynna – if you look up the word ‘suffer,’ one of its meanings is ‘to undergo.’ To undergo means to experience, and does not assume pain, hurt or harm.

    Our thinking nowadays assumes that to suffer means to hurt somehow, but really, if we suffer an indignancy, if we suffer the cold, all it means is that we undergo it. It’s our judgment of the experience that predicates hurt or not-hurt – I can experience cold without judgment, with joy for the experience, or I can shiver and shake and hate the cold and allow myself to get frozen and bitch and moan about it.

    So I suggest it would be fascinating to tap on the charge behind the word suffer to see what interesting things come up that will allow you to reclaim energy you might have tangled up in thinking of yourself as a victim in any way in association with that word!

    aloha –

    Posted on April 19, 2009
  5. Farhad

    Hi everyone

    I have been doing EFT for a while and it has been very helpful in eliminating or releasing some negative emotions.
    I am excited to see how these affirmations work.
    Thank you for sharing.


    Posted on April 21, 2009
  6. Deb Dupuis

    I have just this morning discovered switchwords. This sounds so interesting and easy. I am very hopeful, and thanks for the suggestions here.

    Posted on May 2, 2009
  7. Barbara

    I tapped on the switchword, together. I was feeling extremely tired after a difficult, stressful day at work. Well after one round of tapping on the word together, I felt uplifted, happy, and energized.
    Just amazing! After second round of tapping, i experienced back pain releasing. I did another round of bilateral tapping, and i felt more connected and together with myself, feeling truly at peace, my attitude quite positive.
    I am so happy i stumbled upon this.
    Thank You

    Posted on May 26, 2009
  8. Mary

    What would the set up phrase be for this?

    Posted on June 20, 2009
  9. Priya

    I just came across this article and immediately wanted to test it out. Tapped on karate chop point saying the word TOGETHER only once. Started yawning immediately and haven’t stopped. Wow, this is awesome!

    Posted on August 3, 2009
  10. Lu

    I’ve been tapping on the word “off” since I saw the list several days ago. Can’t believe how much it has helped my insomnia. I seem to start yawning after the “beside the eye” point. BUT when I saw the switchword for today, I was wondering if it would make me sleepy this morning. When I set my intention on something besides sleep, I didn’t get at all sleepy. It remains to be seen whether it will help me with my unhealthy eating. It’s been about two minutes and I can usually last at least that long without something sweet in my mouth. LOL.

    Posted on August 21, 2009
  11. jane

    Do we need a set up phrase to tap on the karate point with switchwords? Or, do we just tap the karate point as well using the switch word?

    Posted on August 30, 2009
  12. Ron Ball

    Jane, in this experiment you don’t need to use the EFT setup statement. Instead, starting with the karate chop point, you just repeat the Switchword a few times as you tap at each EFT point.

    Posted on August 30, 2009
  13. Petrice

    Hi Ron,
    I finished the 10 day experiment yesterday and found it great!
    I focused on the switchwords throughout the day and did EFT with it 2-3 times a day (also doing EFT for other things too!)

    My favourite word is DEVINE!! And I’ll be using it every day from now on LOL

    Thanks so much!!!

    Posted on October 8, 2009
  14. Bonnie David

    How can you use the switchwords in the setup phase when you are tapping the karate chop point? thanks

    Posted on October 26, 2009
  15. Bianca

    Nobody answered Bonnie. Her question, which is the same as mine is: How can you use the switchwords in the set up phase when you are tapping the Katate chop point?

    I am new to EFT. If negative feelings or thoughts come up, what works better, just saying that positive affirmations when tapping or saying , ex: ” even though I have constant doubt in myself, I totally and completely love myself and allow myself to be, tap tap tap”.

    Posted on November 14, 2009
  16. Ron Ball


    In the Switchword Experiment, the ONLY thing that is said at each EFT tapping point is the Switchword itself. Of course, you’re welcome to do it anyway you’d like.

    4. Set your intention and do rounds of EFT tapping while repeating your Switchword at each of the different points. Only say your Switchword, no other words.

    Yes, with EFT acknowledge the negative first:

    “Even though I have constant doubt in myself, I totally and completely love myself anyway.”

    Posted on November 14, 2009
  17. Bianca

    Thanks Ron Ball.

    Your care matters!

    Posted on November 14, 2009
  18. Adela

    This is my first day in the experiment.
    I’m from Argentina. I speak spanish, and I´ll translate the Switchwords to my language, so they make more sense to me. Is it ok?
    I hope I will chose the best translation in those words which have several meanings.

    Posted on December 3, 2009
  19. vikram

    what is EFT full form and how to do EFT!!



    Posted on December 24, 2009
  20. Lana

    EFT tapping all the points, saying together. Mind went wild with thoughts,Here are a few: Together: God , family, friends,church, a Christian threapist who together is helping me, hands together kneading dough for the bread, thought of te 5000 and the loaves of bread, (to gather), flowers, sticks for fire for warmth……….My mind raced many thoughts. When I finished after five minutes I had a smile on my face, and reflected my thoughts as they were all positive. I was thankful for all the things come together for the good.

    Posted on February 24, 2010
  21. Cathy

    Hi Ron,
    I love what you are doing here.

    Just did my first word, Together. I noticed that I wanted to use the wrist point and tap both writsts together. I don’t usually tap this point unless I am working on pain. The sensation was beautiful.

    What came to mind for me was the togetherness I was feeling with my Dad who died 28 years ago. I have been tapping recently as part of my Personal Peace Proceedure on the feeling of abandonment. I also tapped on feeling alone and unable to make the right decisions ( I always felt that he knew everything and would always make the right decisions). After his death I felt that I had been left on my own even though I had my mum and brother and sisters.

    At the end of the tapping, which I did for about 8 minutes, without really noticing the time, I felt gratitude that I could feel his presence and then I cried a little. I kept repeating Together and then came to write this.

    I really feel that I want to tap on a word for freedom from debt/financial abundance next.

    Warm wishes,

    Posted on March 11, 2010
  22. ChristineJ

    Since my mantra has long been “It’s much easier to be lonely by myself” I was fascinated that the first switchword would be TOGETHER. Unfortunately, my mind teemed with visions of life’s events where I felt completely alone. I pray this “fun experiment” might be the next step I need to change that isolated feeling. I’ve just found tapping two weeks ago and I try it on everything, as they say. And because the first round of tapping on TOGETHER served as a reminder how untogether my life is I tapped again repeating the switchword repeatedly so that nothing else could come into my mind.

    Posted on March 18, 2010
  23. Ron Ball


    Good for you. You’re not alone.

    Posted on March 18, 2010
  24. Elizabeth

    Started the Switchword experiment tonight with the first word TOGETHER. After the 2nd round, into the 3rd round of tapping a wave of emotion and tears surfaced. A few quick movies in the head flew by of sadness from parental loss and loss of relationships. I continued with tapping the word TOGETHER until I felt the wave of emotion pass. I still felt sad and heavy in my chest. I tapped on the feelings of sadness, cried a it more and then ended a round with “I choose” statements. I feel much better, I will continue through tomorrow with tappinf on TOGETHER. We’ll see what it brings tomorrow.
    I feel blessed to have come across this wonderful technique a nd special people like you and Carol Look. You guys rock!

    Posted on March 30, 2010
  25. Jean-Pierre


    Could you give me more precision on what you mean in point 4- Set your intention… do you mean simply to set up my intention in doing this exercice : repeat the switchword while tapping ?


    Posted on May 3, 2010
  26. Ron Ball

    When I say intention, I mean to contemplate on an outcome you’d like to have. What would you like to change? For example, if you worry a lot about something, set the intention to be at ease about the thing that bothers you. After you set the intention of being at ease or at peace about it, use the Switchword “CANCEL” when you do the EFT tapping.

    Intention is an aim, a direction. Setting an intention is deliverately focusing your energy and being on a positive result. I’ll give you another example. Let’s suppose that you have a project with a deadline of next Friday. Set your intention to have the project completed by that date. Even though you may not know exactly how you’re going to do it, set the intention and use the Switchword, “DONE.”

    Hope this clarifies “intention” for you.

    Posted on May 3, 2010
  27. Natalie Hill

    Within minutes after getting your first email with directions on how to use Together and EFT, I was given a solution to my current BIG issue.

    As I walked to my car with a neighbor, I updated him on my pending, (and collapsing) house sale. He gave me an elegant Together solution.

    Clever combination of EFT tapping with Mangan’s Switchwords. Thanks, Ron!

    Posted on May 13, 2010
  28. nihal bhat

    appreciate this experiment. i will use the setup you explained for each one:

    “Even though I have constant doubt in myself, I totally and completely love myself anyway.”

    Posted on May 25, 2010
  29. Leonardo

    How can I apply the switcword in my language that is spanish?
    How I use the word “together” like “together” or “juntos, unidos” that is the traslation to my language?



    Posted on May 28, 2010
  30. Lucia

    This is great! I LOVE Switchwords but had kind of forgotten about them. And, TOGETHER is one of my favorites. I’m seeing a person tonight with whom I’ve been having a hard, sad and disappointing time. So I set my intention to feel connected with her. During the 1st day’s tapping which went on for almost 15 minutes I found myself reviewing the events of the last 2 weeks. I came to a new resolve about the appropriateness of my actions. I also have a new openness and positive expectancy 🙂


    Posted on June 18, 2010
  31. Chinky

    hey..thank you dere..
    EFT is really wonderful…and so are dese Words…
    LOVE the word DIVINE.. 🙂 🙂

    Posted on June 21, 2010
  32. David S Bernstein

    Sign me up for the daily word…

    Posted on July 28, 2010
  33. SCH

    Tapping Divine/Together TWO DAYS and “magically” a project that was spiriling into what seemed like a negative abyss suddenly came together and completed in an incredibly positive way. Better yet, I seem to attract more “sane” drivers around me on the highway when I use switchwords and tapping before setting out then keep meditating on the switchwords while driving.

    Posted on August 7, 2010
  34. Kathryn

    Last night I was feeling really ‘untogether’, quite unhinged and emotional after a fairly intense tapping conference last weekend, I was feeling very scattered and unresolved. I received the word ‘together’ and tapped on it and almost immediately started to feel more together and I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up this morning I thought wow I feel more together than I have all week. I shared this technique with a client of mine, just simply asking her to tap on the word ‘together’ and she also felt great and took it to mean that she can do anything when she is in it together with the universe! Amazing stuff. I am off to tap on ‘reach’ now! Thank you, who would have thought tapping on one word could be so effective.

    Posted on August 27, 2010
  35. Ayesha

    hi everyone,
    i have recently heard about switchwords and it seems to good to be true. i have been doing the law of attraction to get my ex back, what i would like to know… can i get my ex back by doing eft and switchwords together??? has someone tried it and have succeeded?? if some one can get back to me and let me know it will be great. i have been saying the words together-divine for the past 2 days as i think my situation seems some what impossible, nothing has happened as yet, what can i do to speed things up. help will be appreciated

    Posted on October 4, 2010
  36. Kerry

    Ayesha, I’m thinking that this process is not aimed at “getting” someone else to do or be something for you. It works best when you apply it inwardly and allow yourself to accept and release stress, attachments and negative emotions about a particular situation.

    I have done a lot of EFT relationship coaching, and my guess is that if/when you deal with any stress and attachment issue(s) YOU have around the relationship with your ex, he/she will notice the change. You will start to “show-up” with cleaner energy and your ex will either like it and be attracted, or will not like it and will distance him/herself even more.

    In either case YOU will have cleaned up YOUR OWN energy and will be in a better place to attract someone who appreciates who, and what you are, whether it be your ex, or someone else.

    Your working with the words “together-devine” may already be helping you “clean” your own energy, and a “together-devine” relationship may be on its way to you… or it may simply be that the relationship you need to develop with yourself is being cleaned up first. I’m betting on the latter!

    Posted on October 12, 2010
  37. Val

    I signed up last night and got my first switchword – TOGETHER – at about midnight. Tapped from karate chop point to under arm about 15 rounds while saying only TOGETHER.

    I sleep so deeply for 10 hours and woke up feeling refreshed and wide awake. First time in years I didn’t have to get up once or twice to pee.

    I wish this comments board was more active. Hey, maybe that is my problem today’s word REACH will solve!

    Posted on January 2, 2011
  38. Dorota

    Hello, it sounds very interesting this method of tapping:)I have one question: does it make difference if I repeat the switchword in another language (I´m Polish)?Or anyway I can say it in english? I will be grateful for quick answer.
    Thank you!

    Posted on March 10, 2011
  39. Ron Ball


    Any language should be fine. Since this is an experiment, try saying the Switchwords in Polish and English to determine which gives you the best results.

    Posted on March 11, 2011
  40. Dorota

    Thank you, Ron! I do it for now in the same way suggested by you.

    Posted on March 12, 2011
  41. Jeannie

    Thank God for these wonderful switch words with EFT

    Posted on June 13, 2011
  42. Akila

    Can anyone tell me the switch word to cure any chronic disease.

    And also the intention meant for the word “order”

    Posted on October 28, 2011
  43. basil

    it is not a lie switchwords are very strong i apply GUARD in the road to avoid traffic police and it does work. BUT HELP ME HOW TO APPLY SWITCHWORD TO PICK A GIRL INSTANTLY TO HE BED

    Posted on January 1, 2012
  44. gita

    hi! I have been EFT tapping for quite some time now and it has been a great and liberating experience..I`ve started with switch words only last week.. combination that I used was: “TOOGETHER COUNT DIVINE” and it really does work, I got money, cash money to be precise, and it was the right ammount that I needed 🙂 as I get it, we need to put our focus/energy on it and than just let it go, the divine universe/god/creator/source will take care of it 🙂

    Posted on January 23, 2012
  45. lilian

    I want to learn about EFT. Tnx.

    Posted on August 5, 2012
  46. SUN

    I am new to EFT and just found switchwords even though i have been using personal ones for years without knowing that they had a name, i just knew that specific words told the universe what i wanted and worked really well. I’ll try the experiment if it’s still active.

    Posted on November 26, 2012
  47. mel

    I tried to use switchword DIVINE REACH when i left my iphone in the taxi. I believed in my heart that i will get my iphone back. I kept repeating it with confidence while i was doing my stuff. I phoned the taxi company to check the driver, well, you can guess less thatn an hour I got my iphone back after 3 passengers in and out of that taxi after me. The taxi driver said, he noticed 2 passengers kept looking at the floor but they are hessitant to approached him until the last passenger handed over the phone to him. I have used switchwords for many things and it works without fail. Thank you to the Author of this book James Mangan.

    Posted on December 1, 2012
  48. Shari

    Hello I halve been researching switchwords and eft For a very long time but was not motivated enough to put it into action. Pease help me, I am dearly seeking help. Every part of my lifeis falling apart.

    Posted on January 2, 2013
  49. Ron Ball

    I can appreciate you being in a difficult place where you feel like your life is falling apart. A couple of suggestions for Switchwords would be TOGETHER and UP. Start playing with those.

    As far as not being motivated, when a person is depressed or down, it’s quite common to feel stuck or hopeless. Just take baby steps. Start doing EFT. You might start with the setup phrase “Even though every part of my life feels like it’s falling apart, I deeply and complete accept myself SOMEHOW. Also, find one simple thing that is working in your life and focus on that.

    The challenge for all of us when we’re in a rut is to want to push immediate changes instead of accepting where we’re at and gently finding our way out. Love youself as best you can right now.

    Posted on January 2, 2013
  50. deepika

    can i use this eft with switchwords technique to heal or help other…. if yes than pls tel me how…..
    say i want that my mummy should have proper health… so how can i do through this tech. for my mom……. pls tell me in detail…

    Posted on July 13, 2013

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