Doing EFT with Music

Jul 15, 09 Doing EFT with Music

One of the things I like to do is tap along with music. I find this especially helpful when something is bothering me and I’m not conscious of what it is. Or, I want to release stressful feelings. Or, perhaps I want to trust my intuition and play with whatever comes up. A few months ago I was invited to attend a lecture at George Mason University by the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. Bruno Groening was a a simple man with exceptional abilities. He taught about the spiritual healing stream or “Heilstrom.” At the lecture, several medical doctors from the Medical Scientific Group spoke about how they have documented thousands of cases of help and healing. To tune into the Heilstrom, at several times they played music. You can download several music tracks from the Circle of Friends and use them with EFT.

For example, sitting in a place where it’s quiet and comfortable for you, tap along to this piece of music. Without saying anything, tap on the different EFT points at a rhythm that’s right for you.

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You can download other wonderful selections of music offered free at this site. Note that the page is in German. Click on a title to play it. Right click it to save it to your computer. Learn more about Bruno Groening and the Circle of Friends. The Website is in 27 different languages.

Another way to use EFT with music is from Angie Muccillo’s blog, Ideal Solutions, she has an excellent post titled, Using EFT with Music, Memories & Emotions.

Want a way to clear negative “Tail Enders?” Watch this video by Pamela Bruner, EFT – Music and Positive Affirmations.

Combining EFT with music is a deep and powerful way to release all kinds of negative feelings and beliefs and install new, empowering ones. What music might you tap along with right now to feel great and in a positive state?

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  1. EFT Tapper /

    Wow – great concept.

    As a musician, I think I knew this somewhere down deep, but hadn’t really pulled it up to the surface. Of course, that is why it’s so harmful to listen to hateful lyrics… they are imprinted that much more easily because of the music.

    One of the main reasons that all the religions use some sort of music or chant is that it puts everyone on the same wavelength. “Wherever two or more are gathered” the power increases exponentially.

    Can you imagine how amazing it would be to chant/sing/tap in a big room with a bunch of like-minded people?

    Note to self: New goal.


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