Help Your Child Manage Stress

Feb 21, 11 Help Your Child Manage Stress

There are a lot of simple, wonderful and powerful methods for people to enjoy a more stress free life. Another fine method that’s different than EFT is HeartMath. The founder of HeartMath, Doc Childre, has done extensive research on how the heart and the brain communicate with each other. As in EFT, your emotions play a vital role in your physical well-being. Physiologically, your heart displays a lot of what you’re feeling, and these emotions are reflected in your heart rhythm patterns. HeartMath is about syncing your heart and mind to enjoy a higher quality of life.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher or someone concerned about how children are under too much stress, you may want to register for a free webinar coming up on Saturday, March 5th. Our children are under more stress today than ever. The world seems to move at a dizzying pace. Along with family, academic and peer pressures, children are subjected to a constant buzz and barrage of an endless array of devices and diversions in the digital, cell phone and computer age.

The countless distractions of the modern world are taking a toll on millions of children. A very simple and important example is the decline in traditional, healthy playtime, often beginning at a very early age. Combine all of the distractions with an increasingly competitive global economy that has children growing up sooner so they can get ahead faster, and it is clear the mental and emotional strains being placed on today’s youth have reached dangerous and unacceptable levels.

Learning practical strategies and techniques for lowering stress among children and helping them build resilience for the future is a vital tool for those who care for and care about children. Join behavioral and developmental pediatrician Dr. Timothy Culbert, and facilitator Jeff Goelitz, an education specialist with the Institute of HeartMath, for the Helping Children Manage Stress webinar. They will discuss these and other concerns and offer strategies parents, educators and other care providers can employ to help today’s youth live happier and more stress-free childhoods.

FREE Webinar “Helping Children Manage Stress

Sign up for the Helping Children Manage Stress webinar that takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PST, Saturday, March 5.

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