Learn EFT from Gary & Tina Craig

Jul 30, 12 Learn EFT from Gary & Tina Craig

He’s back. As you may know, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT retired in 2010. Last year, Gary said that he and his daughter, Tina, were working on a new EFT free tutorial website. It’s here and you should definitely visit the new GaryThink site. It’s loaded with valuable tutorials and information on EFT. What’s nice is that you have immediate access. No email address or other information to provide unless you want to get the free newsletter.


I first discovered EFT and started doing it over 10 years ago. Back then, the primary way to learn EFT was to get Gary’s set of video and audio cassette tapes. Later, he started doing a few live seminars that were open to the public. Since then, many other people have embraced EFT and modified it. There are other videos, books, blogs, websites, seminars and workshops. Technology has also changed dramatically so videos are now available online.

Most of Gary Craig’s original EFT case stories and other written material is at EFT Universe. At the new site, GaryThink, you’ll find the tutorials and information you need to learn EFT. In particular, Gary and Tina have chunked it down nicely into a series of short videos.

If you want to learn EFT, GaryThink is an excellent place to do it. If you want to delve into EFT deeper, GaryThink also offers a package of online videos that teach you the “Art of Delivery.” The video library is $150 and you’re permitted to even share your login info with one or more friends. In all, there are 35 hours of videos, and you are allowed 120 hours of viewing time.

He also has an honor system. If you can afford to pay $150 or even more you can. If you’re financially strapped, you can pay less. To me, Gary Craig has always been very generous in sharing EFT with humanity for healing. With this new website, he offers anyone who visits free tools for learning EFT. Gary also shares his spiritual experiences and thinking “out of the box.” Oh, and when you visit GaryThink, be sure to sign up for Gary’s newsletter.




  1. david /

    I have a relative who has a serious case of copd. I am certain that eft could be helpful with this condition. it is now 1am,i have been checking websites for several hours and I have not found comments by any eft practitioner that indicates that eft would be helpful for this condition. I suppose that gary has had positive results,but I don’t find any comments from him.i have also checked gary’s training videos.can you offer me any information ? thanks
    david @bestsiskokid@sbcglobal.net

  2. Hi David

    I don’t know if you’ll be reading this – I saw your comment from July and wondered if your relative has tried EFT yet and if they have had any luck?

    I am currently treating someone with COPD and they have had fantastic results so far. If you have any questions or would like any advice or information, please let me know.

    You can view my recent blog here: http://www.wendyberesfordeft.co.uk/category/volunteering-for-health-and-care-project/

    You can contact me via my website.
    All the best, Wendy


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