FREE Tapping World Summit 2016

Feb 17, 14 FREE Tapping World Summit 2016

Mark your calendar for Monday, February 22th for the eighth annual Tapping World Summit. That’s the day that this premier annual event starts. Over 500,000 people have participated online last year. If you’re new to EFT and tapping or you’re an accomplished practitioner, this is one experience you won’t want to miss. The Tapping World Summit 2016 kicks off on Monday, February 22 and ends on Friday, March 4. The summit is jam-packed with free presentations from over 20 of the world’s leading EFT and tapping experts. It’s not a lecture. It’s an experiential event because you’ll learn how to do EFT and tapping from top experts in the field.

Best of all, you can attend the complete event from the comfort of your home or wherever you choose to be. This is an online event, there are no airline tickets or hotels to book. You may surprised to know that the main event is 100% free. You get to listen to two presentations each day for 10 days, and you have a 24 hour period to listen online so you don’t even have to be there at an exact time. Everything is streamed through the web so you don’t tie up your phone or have an phone bills to pay.

The only way Nick Ortner and his team are able to offer the Tapping World Summit for free is that they offer an upgrade option for those that want to own the audio to the presentations, the transcripts and the workbook for the Summit at a very reasonable price. That’s completely optional. I don’t know of any event or product where you can sample it all for free before deciding if you want to own it.

If you want to sign up for this year’s Summit event click on the link below.

FREE Tapping World Summit 2016

As someone who presented at previous Tapping World Summits, I highly recommend that you register today. It’s a wonderful way to stay on the cutting-edge of healing modalities like EFT and tapping.



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