EFT is for Adults Only

Jan 21, 05 EFT is for Adults Only

Just kidding. In fact, kids are more prone to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) because they are naturally inquisitive. Tapping? Sounds fun. Adults are often skeptical about even trying EFT. After all, how could something that seems so “silly” really work. To a lot of adults, if a solution doesn’t come in the form of a tablet or pill, forget it.

Most adults rely too much on logic instead of trusting their intuition. Adults are “supposed” to be serious. Kids, on the other hand, are willing to test new things. Instead of automatically limiting themselves, kids experiment and discover. Children use the richness of their imaginations. Many adults have bankrupt their imaginations.

EFT is a fine tool that children can learn quickly and easily. It enables kids to tune into their feelings, make changes and handle growing up. There are two excellent books for teaching kids about EFT. It’s unlikely that you’ll find them in your local bookstore. You’ll need to order them directly from the authors or their publishers. The first is a bright red, fun-to-read book by Lynne Nam titled, Good Bye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of All Ages. Lynne also talks about how kids can learn to Tap Away Stress and Anger in this Education World article.

The second book is from down under–Australia. The book is called, Rose and the Night Monsters, written by Jo Wiese with Steve Wells. Steve and Dr. David Lake do EFT programs worldwide. This high-quality, charming book is in full color and illustrated by Jenni-Maree Spratt. You can also get a mini-poster of the EFT tapping points. It’s great for kids to put on their door, bulletin board or other area.

Get silly. Loosen up. Start kidding around. Introduce your children to EFT. It’s great for kids.

Last, but not least, check out this special section of the EFT Website on Using EFT for Children. It’s loaded with all kinds of information, including dozens of case stories of how EFT can be used to help children at school and home.

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