Goaltending or Tending to Your Goals?

Jan 25, 05 Goaltending or Tending to Your Goals?

Are you goaltending or tending to your goals? In sports, goaltending is the act of blocking or preventing a goal. Sometimes, unintentionally we end up goaltending in our careers and lives. Limiting, unconscious beliefs weight us down and sabotage reaching our goals.

Often, we don’t obtain our goals because our beliefs aren’t aligned with the goals. We end up creating polarities or conflicts within ourselves. That’s where EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can come in handy. You can use it to “erase” negative beliefs and install positive, affirming ones.

Where you are in life is a reflection of your beliefs. You’ve set goals for yourself. Have you ever set a new belief? You didn’t consciously choose most of your beliefs. They were assimilated from what you learned from your family, friends, teachers, and culture. We tend to assume that the beliefs we learned are true. We usually don’t challenge them or try on new beliefs.

Society and culture tend to feed off of negative beliefs. Negativity and fear “sell.” The news media tends to paint our world in a negative light. Continually having a focus on negative news adversely affects us mentally and emotionally. At any given time, there are at least as many positive things going on. They just don’t make the news.

Subconscious negative beliefs sabotage reaching goals. Most people sincerely want to achieve their goals. What keeps people from getting what they want are the resistances, the negative beliefs going in our minds. Most of the time people are on “automatic pilot.” We’re not aware of the thoughts in our heads.

Just as wonderful as it is to create goals for yourself, it’s perhaps even more important to create new positive, energizing beliefs of your choosing. Play around and come up with at least one new, positive belief today. Allow yourself to use your imagination and have fun. Tap into your intuition and write down whatever ideas come up. Let it all flow.

Examples of new beliefs:

  • I choose to be in flow with life and create what I want easily, effortlessly and with great zest.
  • I choose to believe that in this moment I am having the best time of my life.
  • I choose to always know the best way to achieve my dreams.
  • I choose to continually expand and be invigorated through learning and discovering new things.
  • I choose financial abundance and being grateful for the riches I enjoy in my life right now. I always have enough.
  • I choose to seek the common ground of similarities instead of differences.
  • I choose to trust my intuition and my sense of “knowing.”

Life is created moment by moment based on our beliefs, developed on both conscious and subconscious levels. As our beliefs change, our experiences change. And, as our experiences change, so do our beliefs. Your beliefs fuel your emotions and the actions that drive you toward your goals.

Are your beliefs self-defeating or self-fulfilling? Do they make you feel happy or unhappy? Do they serve you well or is it time to create some new ones? Your beliefs are the “software” of your mind. What magnificent beliefs do you choose to help you reach your goals?

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