Learning the ABCs of EFT

Feb 02, 05 Learning the ABCs of EFT

One of best things about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is that anyone can learn the method fairly quickly and easily at no cost. EFT is a superb self-help, self-development and peak performance tool. Of course, for serious psychological or medical issues, you’ll want to seek treatment from a licensed therapist, doctor or other healing professional.

So where do you start if you want to learn EFT? Again, one of the things you’ll appreciate is that you can learn the basics of EFT for free. There are a variety of free resources available. For example, there are over two hundred articles here at the EFTzone. Do a search in the top right corner.

Years ago, there was only one main place to learn about EFT — at Gary Craig’s original Website, Emofree.com. That’s all changed and there is a plethora of information now available about EFT. Gary was the founder of EFT. In 2010, Gary retired and most of that information was moved to Dawson Church’s site, EFTuniverse. You’ll find a lot of excellent articles, case stories and other information there. Sign up to get the free EFT Mini Manual and Weekly Health Reports. In 2012, Gary Craig returned with a new Website called GaryThink. It was shortly changed back to the more well known site, Emofree.com. This site includes several free video tutorials. Gary says that the sets The Gold Standard for EFT. This is an important site for you to explore. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter. It’s full of tips and case stories of how people are using EFT for positive results.

When I first learned EFT, I purchased Gary’s videos. In the beginning, they were on videotape, then CDs and finally on DVDs. Now, Gary has taken it all online. You can view over 35 hours of videos with access online for 1,000 hours. The nice thing about it is that you can even share the online time with your friends. Gary offers a 60 day money back guarantee. The cost is $150 and it’s well worth it. Just traveling to one live workshop would cost you much more than this. With online learning you can learn at your own pace, whenever you want to.I highly recommend Gary Craig’s EFT Gold Standard “Art of Delivery” videos.

Another valuable resource is Nick, Jessica, and Alex Ortner. They originally produced a video, The Tapping Solution, that offers people an outstanding introduction to EFT. If you want a way to educate your friends and family to EFT, get their video. The Ortners and their production crew then went on to produce their annual Tapping World Summit, a free online educational event. It’s a must attend event if you want to learn more about EFT.

Yes, YouTube is another good source for those of you that enjoy learning visually. Just do a search on “EFT.” Note, some videos are better than others. Some are just too overly promotional.

If you’re simply curious about EFT I recommend a different route. Angela Treat Lyon’s EFT in Every Home walks you through the steps in a fun way. Check out our EFT Shortcut Card (PDF). Also see Joan Sotkin and Rick Wilkes. Note that when you visit the sites, some people will teach you the classic EFT “recipe.” Others will show you the EFT Shortcut method. Plus, there will be variations in people’s styles of doing EFT.

For you bookworms, there are now many EFT books available. Ultimately, simply reading about EFT isn’t going to give you a good enough understanding of how it works. You’ll need to see and experience how EFT works.

Again, there are a lot of EFT resources out there. These are just a few places to get you started. Enjoy learning EFT. You’ll have a lifelong tool to use for help with all kinds of physical and emotional issues. Try it on everything.


  1. Rick Wilkes /

    Thanks so much for listing my Thriving Now newsletter and website here. One of the wonderful aspects of EFT is the way we collaborate to help both develop and disseminate good information about how to learn EFT, teach EFT, and use EFT for achieving emotional freedom. –Rick Wilkes, http://www.thrivingnow.com

  2. Rebecca Gunn /

    Hi, I am a complete newbie to Emotional Freedom Techniques but would love to share one of my first EFT Miracles with everyone. My husband has been susceptible to Arthritis in his fingers over the years which gets worse during the colder months I just recently came across Gary Craig’s wonderful EFT Manual when my husband started complaining about the swelling and pain in his index finger. I asked him if he’d like to try EFT on it and with a quizzical look he decided why not. We did it together that night with the set up of “Even though I have this pain in my finger”… He looked at me in amazement as he exclaimed that the pain had completely dissipated, I think his comment was is this Witchcraft?

    The next day he said that although the pain was gone he could still feel the discomfort of the swelling in his knuckle, so that night we did it again except that we did it with the set up phrase” Even though I have this swelling in my finger”… It wasn’t until the next day that he came running in to tell me that the swelling was completely gone. What can I say except Wow! and that my husband is now reading the EFT Manual himself and he said his next project will be his big fear of Heights and Spiders.
    I want to say the biggest thank you for this wonderful tool, I’ve even created a website; http://www.eft-emotionalfreedomtechnique.com because I want more than anything to help spread the word of this amazing technique to the rest of the world.

  3. Genevie Palley /

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