Shining the Spotlight on Stacey Vornbrock

Apr 04, 05 Shining the Spotlight on Stacey Vornbrock

How does someone who isn’t athletically inclined end up working with some of America’s top athletes? What drives a person to make such a bold move into the world of sports performance? Just listen to Stacey Vornbrock and it’s evident. She is positively, passionately committed to what she does. Her mission is to bring the power of EFT as a human performance engineering tool to the world of professional athletes. Listen to an EFTzone Spotlight on Stacey Vornbrock.

Today, Stacey Vornbrock is a preeminent EFT practitioner doing pioneering work to help elite athletes achieve their potential. Her work is complementary to an athlete’s team of coaches, sports psychologists, physical therapists, massage therapists and trainers.

Even the finest and most talented athletes have physical, mental and emotional self-imposed limits. For example, in 1954 Sir Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile time barrier. Up until that time, runners believed that it was impossible to run a mile under four minutes. Once Bannister did it, other athletes quickly followed. Stacey uses EFT to help athletes overcome their barriers, creating new possibilities. She strongly believes that EFT offers athletes a breakthrough technique that’s more effective than anything else available. We’re just scratching the surface to what is possible.

Stacey says she’s having a wonderful time enjoying her success. It’s way beyond what she imagined. According to Stacey, it was a real advantage in not being an athlete. That way, she couldn’t get “in the way” of her clients with her own beliefs about playing a sport.

Stacey Vornbrock is dynamic, bursting with energy and absolutely passionate about the benefits of using EFT for sports and peak performance. Listen to Stacey on the EFTzone Spotlight.

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