Lucky Bill

Apr 27, 05 Lucky Bill

We call my dad “Lucky Bill” because he thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world. He smiles like the kid in the old cigar label graphic. He’s immensely grateful for just about everything in his life. Bill’s the supreme optimist. At 83, he’s got Parkinson’s disease plus other annoying and painful physical aging stuff. Yet, even on a bad day, Lucky Bill will tell you he’s feeling marvelous. Curious about learning new things, he loves doing EFT. Yesterday, we tapped on the telephone almost 2,800 miles away from each other. Here’s what happened.

When I called him on the phone, he was reading a copy of Mental Floss magazine. He likes to keep his mind tuned up. While we were talking, he mentioned to me that he had a sharp pain in his feet. It especially bothered him when walking on a hard surface such as concrete or hardwood. There’s some medical term for his foot affliction. About every six months he goes to a podiatrist to have a procedure done that helps him.

As he discussed his foot pain, I said that we ought to try EFT on it. It couldn’t hurt. He was open to the idea so we did. With EFT, Lucky Bill really favors rubbing the sore spot. It’s like his “magic” EFT point. He gets a lot of relief from this spot so he didn’t want to do tapping anywhere else. In a gentle way, I got him to agree to do the shortcut method so we could tap on other EFT points. In one round of tapping, he went from 10 to 4. Another round took him to zero.

Lucky Bill’s like a little kid when it comes to EFT. He laughs and says, “How does that work?” He thinks it’s because of the tone of my voice when I talk to him on the phone. (Refer to the Apex problem.) With his foot pain, he discovered that the EFT “under the lip” or “chin” point was where he got the most relief. The acupressure point is the CV 24. It’s located midway between the center of the lower lip and chin.

Here are some things I’d like to key in on:

  1. Try EFT on everything.
  2. It’s a great tool for teaching or assisting elderly people. It can bring relief from worries, fears or pains.
  3. Ask if there’s a “favorite” point that feels best. Not always, but often there is.
  4. It works wonderfully over the telephone from across the street or around the world.

One day, my dad bought a brand new Remington electric razor. It had an adapter gizmo that changed the electrical current to “speed up” the razor. Using kid logic, I thought it would be quite helpful to plug the gizmo into my mother’s vacuum machine to speed up cleaning.

When I plugged it in, it burned out the motor in the vacuum. (I can still remember that distinct burnt motor smell.) Lucky Bill had to revert to old fashioned shaving cream and a razor for a few days. As for me, I had to save up to buy a new vacuum.

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