Doing EFT with Intention

May 02, 05 Doing EFT with Intention

I want to offer you an idea for experimentation. Before you start doing EFT, do an intention statement. Say aloud or write down your intention for doing the tapping. Clarify and set your intention. Once you do, that’s enough. Don’t try to make anything happen. Just go about gently doing EFT and let the process unfold. If you haven’t done it before, play with the idea of doing an intention statement first and discover what happens in doing EFT.

What’s an intention? In simple terms, an intention is a thoughtful and deliberate choice, an internal signal about what course of action you propose to do and usually why you want to do it. Intention is a gentle focus or alignment without fixation or attachment. Intention is connection and contemplation. An intention is based upon your being. If normal focus is like a flashlight beam, intention is like a laser beam.

Here are some examples for setting an intention before doing EFT:

My intention in doing EFT today is to free myself from any fear I may have of …
My intention in doing EFT right now is to relieve uncomfortable emotions I may feel about …

My intention in doing EFT at this moment is to free and release any anxiety I feel about …
My intention in doing EFT is to allow that which is best for me to happen.
My intention for doing EFT in this session is to create a new choice for myself regarding …

Again, these are just examples. Create an intention statement that precisely looks, sounds or feels right for you. Then go ahead and do EFT.

Here are a couple of quotes about intention.

“A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”
–Seneca (Roman philosopher)

“Our intention creates our reality.”
–Wayne Dyer

To get into intention at a deeper level, read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s bestselling book, The Power of Intention. Or, if you prefer to listen instead, check out the audio CD. He also offers The Secrets of the Power of Intention, a live lecture, six CD set.

In Gary Craig’s EFT video series, Steps Toward Becoming the Ultimate Therapist, scientist and Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University, talks about the validity of intention and its real effects on our lives. Also, your beliefs about what’s possible will be challenged when Dr. Marla Bruckner shows how to use intention to bend a spoon. Several people do it. Don’t believe it? Keep an intention of being open minded.

I’ve just touched the surface about clarifying your intention before doing EFT. One of the nice things about doing the method is that you discover what works best for you. Try doing EFT using intention statements. If you get good results, it may be something you want to do regularly. If not, forget it. My intention is to provide something of value that you might use to your benefit. Use your intuition to do what works fabulously well for you.


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