The “F” Word

May 09, 05 The “F” Word

It may be one of the most powerful words there is–the “F” word–forgiveness. What most people don’t realize about forgiveness is that it’s a self-ish thing. You forgive for yourself, not for the other person. It’s an inside job. You can forgive someone without them ever knowing. It doesn’t mean you forget. It means foregoing feelings of anger, hurt, pain and suffering in favor of releasing these feelings. Not forgiving holds negative energy inside. Forgiving frees tight, locked energy and creates feelings of peace and calm. EFT is a catalyst for forgiving others and yourself.

Yesterday, someone close to me was feeling angry and hurt over a situation with another person. I did several rounds of EFT. There was some relief. To me, there wasn’t complete relief because there was no forgiveness. And that’s okay. Forgiveness can’t be forced. Timing is important. Today, we did EFT and the time was right for forgiveness. The anger and hurt melted away. The “F” word was all over the place. There were feelings of forgiveness.

Forgiveness means to have compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive. Forgiveness is a conscious accord. It is granting pardon without harboring resentment. Forgiveness is letting go. It’s self healing.

The EFTUniverse Website references forgiving in many articles. Gary Craig, founder of EFT, says that true forgiveness is the ultimate aim of all healing. One of the reasons that forgiveness is so important is your health. Read the article reviewing the forgiveness protocol, Using EFT for Forgiveness in Four Quadrants, a technique developed by Roy Steit.

I like what Archbishop Desmond Tutu says. He says that forgiveness is how you heal effectively. Forgiveness provides the opportunity of making a new beginning. Some Websites of interest are:

Forgiveness is one of the most profound things you can do for yourself. Perhaps, it is best put by Bernard Meltzer who said, “When you forgive, you in no way change the past, but you sure do change the future.”

EFT is a gentle releasing tool for facilitating forgiveness when a person is ready and makes a conscious decision to do so.

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