EFT and Related Acupuncture Points

May 12, 05 EFT and Related Acupuncture Points

The EFT tapping points are based on energy meridians. As you become versed in EFT, including both the method for the full “recipe” and EFT Shortcut, you may be interested in knowing more about the correlated acupuncture points. The accompanying chart indicates both the EFT and acupuncture/acupressure points, their related organs, plus links to other information. (You may also want to refer to Learning the ABCs of EFT).

EFT Point Description Corresponding Acupuncture Point Number Related Area
KC Karate chop SI 3 Small Intestine
EB Beginning of the eyebrow BL 2 Bladder
SE Side of the eye GB 1 Gall Bladder
UE Under the eye ST 1 Stomach
UN Under the nose GV 26 Governing Vessel
Ch Chin (or Under Lip) CV 24 Conception Vessel
CB Beginning of the collarbone KD 27 Kidney
UA Under the arm SP 21 Spleen
Th Thumb LU 11 Lung
IF Index finger LI 1 Large Intestine
MF Middle finger PC 9 Pericardium
BF Baby finger HT 9 Heart
G Gamut TH 3 Triple Energize


  1. Gene Douglas /

    I have read there are correlated points on the feet, though I don’t know what they are. A person was able to use them for a client whose upper body was injured and painful.
    I bought a book on reflexology, but was unable to make much use of it. I assume that if I found points that affect the same organs as points on the upper body, they would also have the same psychological effects.

  2. norma Jiménez /

    my rosacea isin crisis since I started EFt

    can I use other points . IN the face is making my rosacea worse

  3. Norma,

    Yes, you can use the other EFT points: collarbone, under the arm, plus the finger points. Look at this video where Rod Sherwin shows you alternate points.

    Also, you might try the “Butterfly Hug” as used in WHEE. See

  4. acupuncture training /

    We westerners are veryclose minded about any form of ancient/chinese medical teachings. They (I mean we, I am British) seem to forget that we didn’t know what electricity was 200 years ago. I think there are more forms of energy to be discovered and I think we should think about science from all sides.

  5. I know a little a bit about acupuncture and a little about EFT. I am really surprized that all the point connect to different systems. What unifies them? Are the along the same merridien? Also often when I do EFT my heart protector point goes crazy and I have muscular pain all around my heart area so bad its hard to lift or move my left arm. Why might this be?

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