Do You Freak Out Over Tests?

May 16, 05 Do You Freak Out Over Tests?

In school, some people study hard and know their subject matter. The problem is that they freeze up at testing time. A key reason people don’t score well is that they get anxious and fearful. One of my daughters used to get so worked up before a test that she would worry herself sick to her stomach. Taking the SAT, really sent her over the edge. EFT practitioner, Gwenn Bonnell, offers some excellent tips on how to use EFT to take the terror out of taking tests.

8 Tips to Take the Terror Out of Tests

by Gwenn Bonnell

Long after my graduation, the terror of taking tests replayed itself in my nightmares. Especially stressful were finals at college. Often the exam was scheduled in a location way different than where the class was held … usually in a building I was not familiar with at all! So in addition to the normal angst over taking the exam, I had to find an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar building.

Since one of the first responses when the body goes into stress is the blood leaving the brain, I was already sabotaged … how could I answer questions that require quick, clear thinking when there was inadequate blood in my brain?

The following article explains simple tricks you can do before and during any sort of exam or test that will:

  • Release your stress
  • Keep the blood, oxygen and electromagnetic energy flowing to your brain
  • Release memory blocks
  • Access information stored in the long-term memory centers of your brain
  • Improve your focus and concentration.

Of course, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) will also relieve your test anxiety, fear of not remembering the material or not understanding the questions, butterflies (or elephants) in your stomach, feelings that you have to struggle through the exams … EFT releases any negative emotions or physical symptoms you might have before or during taking a test.

Tapping BEFORE you go to the exam will help balance your energies and release stress so you can think clearly. Now you can learn EFT in under an hour with the Tap Your Troubles Away audio CD.

I almost forgot … EFT, along with the following techniques, will help you understand, comprehend and retain information while studying … because you DO need to know the material to do well on the test!

When preparing for an exam, this potent 5-step routine will unscramble your energies, cross information between the brain hemispheres, and release stress.

  1. Activate your Brain Buttons: Deeply massage the soft tissue under your collarbone to the left and the right of the sternum (these are the collarbone tapping points in EFT, also known as K-27 points in acupressure) while holding your navel with your other hand.
  2. Vigorous cross-crawl: While standing in place (or while walking to the classroom) alternately move one arm and its opposite leg, then the other arm and its opposite leg.
  3. Do the “Wayne Cook” Posture (this one gets five stars … it unscrambles your confusion so you think clearer while sharpening your focus): While sitting, bring your left leg up and rest the ankle on top of your right knee. Wrap your left hand around the ball of your left foot. Wrap your right hand around your left ankle. As you inhale, pull your left foot toward you, and feel the stretch in your leg. Exhale and relax. Do this three times, then switch sides–put your right leg over your left knee and repeat.
  4. Draw the Infinity Symbol: Swing both hands out in front of you and trace sideways figure 8’s up and down the front and sides of your body. Trace large figure 8’s to get the “whole picture,” gradually diminishing in size until you are tracing tiny Figure 8’s for the “details.”
  5. Zip Up: With the palm of one hand facing the front of your body, trace from your pubic bone up to your chin while taking a deep in-breath. Do this three times and imagine you are closing a zipper up the front of your body, protecting yourself from your insecurities and negative thoughts.During the exam, if you feel stressed, confused or panicked, try one or more of the following to get you focused and centered.
  6. First and foremost, hold your Positive Points: Rest your forehead in the palm of your hand until you are relaxed and thinking more clearly. This has soooo many positive effects, especially when you feel stressed, or feel that the answer is on the “tip of your tongue.” In fact, many people instinctively do this… without knowing why!
  7. Figure 8s: Instead of tracing them in the air, doodle sideways Figure 8’s to enhance your comprehension and creativity.
  8. Neck Rolls: These are especially beneficial before giving a presentation, or doing a lot of reading and writing. Relax your shoulders, inhale deeply, allow your head to fall toward your chest, then gently roll your head from side to side. You can even close your eyes, rest your hand on the back of your neck, and do tiny circles from side to side (tracing sideways Figure 8’s) with your chin.

Good luck with your exams … if you are not in exam mode, forward this article to your favorite student!P.S. Students and clients come to me stressed and leave feeling relaxed. My secret? The answer is simple … EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). You will use it for anything and everything … It’s a tool you reach for again and again when stress appears.

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