Shining the Spotlight on Carol Tuttle

May 19, 05 Shining the Spotlight on Carol Tuttle

There’s an old saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes we change, open up and explore new possibilities only when life gets overbearing. Such is the case for Carol Tuttle. Almost 20 years ago, she was going through a tough period in her life. After doing traditional therapy, she wasn’t satisfied. She discovered Reiki, EMDR and EFT. The rest is history. Listen to our EFTzone Spotlight on Carol Tuttle.

For anyone who believes that Western religion and other spiritual ideas don’t mix, you’d better talk to Carol Tuttle. Carol has a Christian faith and a vision for the future. In fact, in one segment she says that although it may take a generation or two, someday people will be doing EFT tapping and energy therapy as routinely as brushing their teeth.

As a respected, accomplished EFT practitioner and energy therapist, one of the most striking things about Carol Tuttle is her candor and forthrightness. You can feel her conviction. Carol will take on any question. She’s willing to share her strengths and vulnerabilities. Carol knows who she is and where she’s headed.

She wants to be a catalyst in bringing EFT and energy therapy mainstream to the masses. She is well positioned to do it because Carol Tuttle is a catalyst for change and improving the quality of people’s lives. She has been working in the field of Energy Therapy for over a decade. She is a best-selling author of several books, radio show host, speaker, and successful business woman. As the creator and founder of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, she offers you the very finest of her work yet. Oh, and there’s an ambition that Carol is straightforward about. She envisions being on the Oprah Winfrey show. Carol will be “dressing her truth” for high definition television. Here’s looking at you, Carol. Enjoy listening to Carol Tuttle on the EFTzone Spotlight.

For more information on Carol Tuttle and her programs, please visit her Website:

To listen to Carol on the EFTzone Spotlight audio, click on any of the four segments:

Part 1

My path to EFT and energy therapy

Part 2

The Carol Tuttle Learning Center

Part 3

New “Dressing Your Truth” program

Part 4

Gratitude, family and giving thanks

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