Chasing the Pain

Aug 25, 05 Chasing the Pain

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I teach business executives and employees how to release their stress using EFT. Most of my work is doing seminars in companies. I also do follow-up sessions individually, usually over the telephone. I was doing EFT with a client the other day for the tension and pain she felt in her neck. It was near her right shoulder. On a SUDs...

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Stream of Feelings Tapping

Aug 23, 05 Stream of Feelings Tapping

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What do you do with someone who is in a negative emotional state or pain and just isn’t in the mood to do EFT? They want to vent or express their emotions but they’re not interested in going through a method or procedure? What I’ve found that often gets them into a more positive emotional state is what I call...

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Piggybacking, Hitchhiking Benefits

Aug 12, 05 Piggybacking, Hitchhiking Benefits

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One of the many valuable methods of EFT is called “Borrowing Benefits.” You piggyback or hitchhike on someone else tapping on their issue and indirectly gain to reap benefits on your own issue. It’s like a ripple effect and quite a powerful technique. Anyone that wants to really learn EFT needs to get Gary...

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Pemberton’s French Wine Coca Headache Remedy

Aug 08, 05 Pemberton’s French Wine Coca Headache Remedy

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It became the formula behind an early version of the popular soft drink, Coca Cola. However, in 1863 physician and chemist Dr. John Stith Pemberton developed “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca” formula as a nerve tonic, stimulant and headache remedy. Headaches affect millions of people worldwide, causing everything...

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