Stream of Feelings Tapping

Aug 23, 05 Stream of Feelings Tapping

What do you do with someone who is in a negative emotional state or pain and just isn’t in the mood to do EFT? They want to vent or express their emotions but they’re not interested in going through a method or procedure? What I’ve found that often gets them into a more positive emotional state is what I call “stream of feelings” tapping. Just let them talk and express what they’re feeling while they continuously do rounds of tapping on the EFT points. They tap and tap and talk and talk, expressing and releasing their emotions. Almost always, they get relief in releasing negative energy and move into a more relaxed, present state fairly quickly, making them receptive to then doing EFT with setup phrases.

With continuous tapping, I always ask permission first to ensure the person is receptive. If they show any resistance, I let them express how they’re feeling for a while and then ask again when I sense they’re ready. Most of the time they’re willing to try it because they still get to vent and pour out their emotions.

If you’re doing “stream of feelings” tapping, the person may not want to do tapping on themselves. They may find it difficult to concentrate. You can do surrogate tapping where you tap on yourself for them. Or, where appropriate and in professions where there are no licensing constraints, you can do the physical tapping on the client while they express their emotions. Again, it’s quite simple, just do continuous tapping on the various EFT points while the person puts out their “steam of feelings.” Tap and tap. Talk and talk.

I also recommend reading the article by Dr. David Lake, In Praise of Continual Tapping.

One of the nice things about EFT is that it offers you flexibility. Yes, there is “recipe” for doing it. Yet, if you give the recipe to ten different chefs, they’ll all create something a little different in the kitchen. Continuous tapping or “stream of feelings” tapping is just another variation of the recipe.

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