Shining the Spotlight on Brad Yates

Sep 19, 05 Shining the Spotlight on Brad Yates

Want to create more abundance in your life? Brad Yates will let you in on a little secret. You already have it. Too often, we equate money and being rich with abundance. Gimme money. That’s what I want. Not so. The dictionary defines abundance as “a great or plentiful amount.” It says nothing about money, jewels or gold bullion. Think about it. Even a guy stranded on a desert island has abundance … an abundance of sand and water.

Stop chasing and start noticing. Get inclusive instead of exclusive. Money is one spoke in the wheel. The hub is happiness. In addition to wealth, there’s health, family and relationships, personal growth, nature and spirituality. Do you only want to plant one seed in your garden or have a garden plentiful in many ways? If you’re measuring your abundance only by money, the instant and simple solution is to look 360 degrees around you to see, hear and feel the joy and abundance you already have right now in this very moment.

Brad has been endorsed by Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and successful internet marketing guru. In a recent series of Money Beyond Belief teleseminars Brad did, Joe said that Brad is the person he goes to for “clearing” abundance blocks using EFT. Pretty strong endorsement.

Come take a journey in the EFTzone with our spotlight on Brad Yates. Just listening to Brad’s voice will make you feel good. He has a background in hypnosis, plus he’s a trained actor and graduate of the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Besides being intuitive, Brad has a way of articulating and explaining abundance and other subjects with humor, wisdom and wit. You can sense his integrity. Here’s looking at you, Brad. Enjoy listening to Brad Yates on the EFTzone Spotlight.

For more information on Brad Yates and his programs, please visit his Website:
Tap with Brad (

To listen to Brad on the EFTzone Spotlight audios, click on one of the six segments:

Part 1

Consciously manifesting abundance and happiness

Part 2

Gates, Buffet, Vitale and “Money Beyond Belief”

Part 3

The Passing Grade Syndrome, The Master Key

Part 4

The piano keys of EFT

Part 5

Clown College, James Bond

Part 6

Guided imagery, 3 things to know about Brad Yates

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  1. Carolina /

    I am only looking for help to stop smoking. Do you deal with any such ‘minor’ issues? I’m just fine without all the money in the world, prestige, etc. I just want to quit smoking.


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