Switch Back on Your Positive Imagination

Sep 26, 05 Switch Back on Your Positive Imagination

At what age does it happen? When do we turn it off?  Is it three years old, five years old or later? What flips the switch? When does the way we use our imagination change from positively imagining grand, rich possibilities to imagining in negative, fearful and worrying ways?

As little kids, we imagine we can fly, build castles, do anything. And then the switch gets toggled. We retreat and we get more “realistic.” The good news is that nobody on the outside flips our switch. We do it, and we can choose the way we consciously imagine anytime we want. Are you ready to flip your switch?

We’re ALWAYS using our imagination in one way or another. We imagine and visualize in exciting ways the things we want to manifest in our lives. Or we run around on automatic pilot, subconsciously creating things we’re afraid might happen. If you tend to do more of the latter, what if you made the decision to “reown” using your imagination in positively wonderful ways? What if you were decided to get more “unrealistic?” You can use EFT to help get you there. For example, do some EFT setup phrases like these.

Even though I worry too much or Even though I worry about ________ ,
I choose to let go of worrying about the things I don’t control.

I choose to imagine feeling a positive outcome instead.

Even though I don’t think ______________________ can happen,
I choose to be open to imagining all possibilities.

Even though I can’t imagine I could ______________________ ,
I choose to let my imagination discover surprisingly easy ways to accomplish it.

Even though I can’t imagine how to ______________________ ,
I choose to imagine how Walt Disney might do it.

At the very least, EFT can help get you from a fearful, negative or worrying state to feeling more calm about things. Get into the habit of noticing if your imagination is turned on positively or negatively. And, if you choose to, flip the switch.

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