What’s the Point?

Nov 07, 05 What’s the Point?

In learning EFT, I often get questions from people about the “correct” tapping points. Think of learning EFT as if you’re learning to play a piece of music. In the musical score, there are specific notes to hit no matter who plays the music. In EFT there are certain points to tap. Just as musicians will play a song differently according to their own style and feeling, you’ll do the same with EFT. As you become more proficient in EFT, you’ll discover which points “play the best music” and produce the most effective results for you.

The EFT Shortcut method, which you’ll use most of the time, uses the following points:

EB = Beginning of the Eyebrow
SE = Side of the Eye
EU = Under the Eye
UN = Under the Nose
Ch =Chin
CB = Beginning of the Collarbone
BN = Below the Nipple.(Also known as Under Breast point. Included in the EFT manual yet most EFT practitioners don’t use it.)
UA = Under the Arm

In doing the longer or classic version of EFT, you add these points:

Th = Thumb
IF = Index Finger
MF = Middle Finger
BF = Baby Finger
KC = Karate Chop
Gamut point

EFT offers a lot of flexibility. Not only can you tap on either side, you can even tap on two sides at once. For example, you can tap on the left and right eyebrow points simultaneously.

There are 361 traditional Chinese acupressure points in the body. EFT uses major meridian points. One of the points that you will see a lot of people use is the Top of the Head or Crown point. ET practitioners may also use wrist and ankle points. There’s no need to get confused by all of this. Learn the EFT points as described in the FREE EFT Manual. As you become more adept at EFT, you can made refinements to your technique. EFT is as much an art as a science. Following your intuition, discover what works best for you.

One of the great things about EFT is that it’s very forgiving. As you learn the different EFT tapping points and how to do EFT, enjoy the process. Have fun. Instead of getting uptight about doing EFT properly, relax about it. While you’re learning, don’t get hung up on doing it perfectly. You’ll just get in the way. Like learning anything else, the more you do EFT and refine your skills, the better you’ll get at it.

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