EFT Computer Assisted Tapping

Feb 20, 06 EFT Computer Assisted Tapping

Here’s an interesting article from Gary Craig’s newsletter. The idea is to tap while you read the newsletter articles and stories. David Wilson suggests using your computer to read the story to you while you tap. That way, you only need to concentrate on the tapping.

I actually use “text-to-speech” quite often for proofreading. Hearing what you’ve written, you’ll catch errors. Here’s how you can use audio for computer assisted tapping.Check to be sure that your computer has “text-to-speech” capability. Windows XP includes does. (You get a voice named Sam.) Here’s how to configure this capability in Windows XP or Vista. If you have a different computer/software, check the manufacturer’s Website. By the way, did you know that newer versions of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader have a “Read Aloud” feature? You can have the program read any PDF file.

If you’d like to play with the idea of text-to-speech, go here and type in an EFT setup phrase such as, “Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.” You can hear it in English, French, Spanish or German with male or female voices.

What about your own “problems or issues” where you want to use EFT? Here’s where I recommend recording your setup phrases in your own voice. If you have a computer microphone, you can do this. Or use any recording device. Tapping while you hear your own voice is quite powerful.


Tap While Your Computer Talks

By David Wilson

Last month I was reading an EFT article by Peggy Lawson, titled, Success by Using EFT While Reading our Newsletter articles.

She says: “I (Peggy) make myself a cup of tea and sit down and then tap on each one of the issues that every author is portraying in their stories.”

I trust this tip below will help you. It’s intended to augment (enlarge, increase, intensify) what Peggy was saying.

Instead of visually reading the EFT text and tapping — try this! — Let your computer read the text to you while you tap. This frees you of visually reading every word and now you get to have “someone” read the EFT story to you.

I trust this tip will allow you to more easily focus on your thoughts and your feelings.

Feelings like: body sensation feelings and/or emotional feelings and/or an instantaneous knowing feeling.

How? Install a “Text-to-Speech” computer program. Use a Search Engine to find a program you like.

I trust this method of having the computer read the text to you helps you because you can absorb it more readily. Trusting you can assimilate the message better because you hear the text and you can then choose to look at the text. So you have an opportunity to be “in touch”.

Side Note: You can also use a Text-to-Speech program as your 24 hour a day “Proof” reader for your emails you wish to send or your resumes, manuals, etc… A great way to find logic errors in what you have typed because grammar checkers & spell checkers can only find syntax errors. Example: “See you on Saturday.” When you really wanted to say: “See you on Sunday.”

I trust this tip helps. TAP, TAP, TAP!


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