Birds Do It and Bees Don’t

Feb 23, 06 Birds Do It and Bees Don’t

Yawning is a natural response in humans and animals. One of the ways that I can tell if EFT is working is that after doing a few rounds of EFT the person immediately starts yawning or getting sleepy. This is an indication that their energy is shifting, tensions are being released and there are definite changes going on. A typical reaction is, “I’m feeling tired or sleepy.” Almost always, the person doesn’t attribute these physical responses to the EFT working. More likely, the person will say that it’s because they got up too early, went to bed too late or missed their morning cup of coffee. What are other physical indications that EFT is working?

Other typical reactions besides yawning and sleepiness are — feeling relaxed, calm, giddy, sighing, or yes, even burping. They’re all just physical ways for our bodies to release blocks and allow more energy to flow. Back to yawning, there are a lot of reasons why we yawn. Although there are different theories, it’s still a real mystery. Scientists don’t know exactly the reasons behind yawning. An older, popular theory was that our bodies needed more oxygen. This was later proven to be incorrect.

According to the neuropharmacology of yawning, yawning is under the control of several neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. In the article, What Makes Us Yawn, it says that even reading this information about yawning may cause you to yawn. On the downside, excessive yawning can also be an indicator of health problems. Typically, I find that working with business clients, yawning is a very common relaxation response to releasing stress after doing EFT. So if you do a few rounds of EFT and find yourself yawning, sighing or burping, most likely you’ve got some positive energy changes going on … or perhaps you’d better have something different for lunch.

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