Not “Buying Into” Accepting Yourself?

Feb 27, 06 Not “Buying Into” Accepting Yourself?

Last week, I was doing EFT with a client. She balked when I got to the part of the setup phrase about “accept myself.” She emotionally flat out said that she didn’t accept herself for having the problem. At the moment, she didn’t like or accept herself for even getting into the situation. Although we did address psychological reversals, there was an important adjustment we made to the EFT setup phrase. It felt right and clicked with her, so we were able to move forward. What change did we make to the EFT setup phrase?

If you’ve done EFT, typical setup phrases would be:

Even though I have this [whatever the problem or issue is], I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I have this [whatever the problem or issue is], I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

After sensing her opposition, I modified the setup phrase to the following:

Even though I have this relationship problem, I deeply, completely and unconditionally love and accept myself without reservation… as best I can.

This worked for her. You might try it for yourself. Or, you may find that something entirely different is better for you. If you are doing EFT and discover any hesitation to saying the setup phrase, stop. Get feedback. Refine the wording to a setup phrase that eliminates any resistance. Use your intuition and trust what comes to you.

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