Use EFT to Start Your Day in a Most Positive Way

Mar 02, 06 Use EFT to Start Your Day in a Most Positive Way

Use EFT in the morning to get your day off to a positive start. How do you choose to feel today? What matters most to you? How might you be more in the present? What things would you like to get accomplished? EFT may be the perfect cup of tea (or coffee) to begin your next 24 hours. In fact, why not try this right now?

Tap on the different EFT points, and as you do so, affirm things that sound and feel good to you.


I am fully energized. My energy flows freely.
I am in tune with my body.
I notice and release any stress.
I complete the things that are important to get done today.
I value and appreciate all that I am.
I am grateful for [whatever it is you’re grateful for]
My heart and mind are in kind.
I am in tune with and trust my intuition.

Your might change what you say at each different EFT point or do a whole round saying one phrase. These are just some ideas to spark your own creativity and intuition. What things might you say and tap on that would fully energize you, create joyful feelings and make you smile? Visualize your batteries getting charged! How about getting a little laughter going? Maybe laugh about what didn’t go “right” yesterday. Play around. Pretend you’re a kid doing this “tapping and saying.”

Another thing you might do is just start tapping on the EFT points without saying anything and notice what thoughts or feelings come up. Those might be issues arising to your awareness to tap on and clear up as you start your day.

How else might you use EFT to “kick start” your day in a most positive way?

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