Are You Addicted to Spending?

Jun 26, 06 Are You Addicted to Spending?

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Last year, I wrote a piece for the EFTzone called, EFT: Help for a Spendthrift Nation. For the first time since the depression of 1929, Americans are spending more than they earn — 100% of their after tax income. Many households are in the “red” and have incurred heavy debt. Are you addicted to spending? According...

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Negative Impact of Prenatal Stress

Jun 23, 06 Negative Impact of Prenatal Stress

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What many people don’t understand about stress overload is that it isn’t just the mental and emotional toll it takes on a person, it’s the chemical and biological impact stress has on our bodies. Chronic stress causes physical damage incrementally over time. It creeps up on you. One of the areas where there has...

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A Noteworthy Musician

Jun 22, 06 A Noteworthy Musician

Posted by in Sports & Play

In December, we moved into a new home we had built. One of the craftsmen working on the finishing touches for our house used to be a school teacher and is also an accomplished musician. There was a certain piece of music that he “always” had trouble playing. It was just very difficult for him because there seemed to be...

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I Want Scientific Proof First!

Jun 20, 06 I Want Scientific Proof First!

Posted by in Science & Technology

If you’re looking for a lot of proof and scientific studies about EFT, you aren’t going to find them. Not yet anyway. You will find some research available at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Website. Also check Fred Gallo’s site and David Feinstein’s information. Both are well respected...

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Choices and Preferences

Jun 05, 06 Choices and Preferences

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If you’ve been doing EFT for very long, no doubt you’ve heard of the Choices method by Dr. Patricia Carrington. It’s a creative approach to doing the EFT setup phrase where you state a choice you want to make in the last part of the statement. For example, in a typical EFT setup statement you’d say,...

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