A Noteworthy Musician

Jun 22, 06 A Noteworthy Musician

In December, we moved into a new home we had built. One of the craftsmen working on the finishing touches for our house used to be a school teacher and is also an accomplished musician. There was a certain piece of music that he “always” had trouble playing. It was just very difficult for him because there seemed to be some mental block that he couldn’t get past. He felt an uncomfortable “fuzzy” feeling and had difficulty hitting the right notes whenever he played the composition. Could EFT help him face the music?

Yes, it did. What surprised me is that this gentleman had no previous exposure to EFT. He learned the basics of EFT from the book, Freedom at Your Fingertips, and applied what he learned to the issue. As he did the tapping, a negative memory he had with his elementary school teacher popped up. He was being scolded for his playing and he felt “bad.” This happens a lot with EFT. A memory locked away that you don’t even recall, bubbles up. Once you’re conscious of it, you’re halfway there to resolving it. Using EFT, you can usually erase it once and for all unless there are different aspects to it. This musician was both amused and amazed to find that “this stuff works.” He discovered that when he now played this previously difficult piece of music, he breezed through it as if the issue was never there. Again, that’s how EFT works. People frequently find it hard to believe that they ever had the problem.

It’s especially exciting to see someone new to EFT being open minded enough to try it and getting good results for a challenge that had plagued him for decades. No sense carrying something around any longer when you can let it go with EFT!

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  1. Hendrik Stins Ham /

    Maybe I am not the first one to suggest this. EFT being practiced all over the planet it would be beneficial if interested practitioners join their effort for world peace every whole hour. f.i.: Wishing the worlds leaders wisdom to obtain less suffering for this planet.

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