Are You Addicted to Spending?

Jun 26, 06 Are You Addicted to Spending?

Last year, I wrote a piece for the EFTzone called, EFT: Help for a Spendthrift Nation. For the first time since the depression of 1929, Americans are spending more than they earn — 100% of their after tax income. Many households are in the “red” and have incurred heavy debt. Are you addicted to spending? According to the non-profit group, Debtors Anonymous, here are the Signs of Compulsive Debting.

In relationships, money creates conflicts and stress, particularly in marriages. In an article from USA Today, Many Marriages Today Are ‘Til Debt Do Us Part, one of the biggest problems is communications. Money is a taboo subject, and most couples don’t even discuss their finances and approaches to spending and saving before marriage. Wisely so, when people are in challenging financial situations, they usually seek help from credit counselors or financial experts to develop a plan and timetable to get out of debt.

While getting financial help is a healthy start, it’s not enough because it doesn’t get to the root causes of spending addictions which are emotional. Unless people address their financial feelings, they may find that their problem persists. Here’s where EFT can help.

Gloria Arenson is one of the co-authors of the EFT book, Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping. She also has written an excellent book on EFT titled, Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing. Another book that she wrote is Born to Spend which has been completely revised and includes using EFT to help compulsive spenders overcome their addiction.In her book, Gloria explores the psychology of addictive spending and debting. She shows that the typical shopaholic abuses money the same way that alcoholics abuse alcohol and compulsive eaters binge with food. She presents a painless, quick, and cost-free process that brings immediate results.

Gloria is Past President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, an international organization dedicated to establishing and promoting the practice of Energy Psychology around the world. She is also Past President of the Santa Barbara chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Gloria also recently started an e-mail list on advanced EFT. Members should be Licensed Professionals in the health field who have used EFT meridian tapping regularly in their practice for more than one year.

If you need help stopping a spending addiction, get Gloria’s book or visit her Website.

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