Releasing Things That Bother Me

Jul 20, 06 Releasing Things That Bother Me

What do you do if you don’t quite feel “yourself?” Your internal engine is not hitting on all cylinders? Your energy isn’t humming along the way you’d like it to? Often, what works for me is tapping on the EFT energy meridian points and saying a simple phrase. Maybe this wording will work for you or spark an idea for a phrase that is even more effective for you.

I simply tap on the EFT points and say or think:

Releasing things that bother me.

I keep tapping around the points while saying or thinking the phrase.

I quickly get to a peaceful, energy flowing state or feel relaxed. I also find that there is usually one EFT point that feels better than the rest so I stay there and keep tapping.

This technique is also good when I feel stuck or I’m wanting to make things happen. I’m pushing too hard. This helps release whatever feelings are bothering me. Just tune into the feelings while tapping and say, “Releasing things that bother me.”

Sometimes tips and tricks like this can be very effective in releasing energy blocks and getting you into that good feeling place.

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  1. Martin /

    Hello…I’ve been reading your column for awhile. Just wanted to say that I tried yout “releasing things that bother me” comment while tapping and immediately had several good sighs and felt much much better! Thanks for a great tapping tip! Martin

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