Shining the Spotlight on Grant Connolly

Aug 12, 06 Shining the Spotlight on Grant Connolly

There are many wonderful healing modalities available to you — EFT, TFT, TAT, BSFF — just to name a few. What I particularly like about EFT, and why this blog focuses on it, is because of EFT’s simplicity. EFT is something anyone can learn the basics of quickly. There’s another method that I’d like to bring to your attention and that’s The ZPoint Process. Like BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) by Larry Nims, ZPoint uses a cue word to help erase limiting emotions and beliefs in our subconscious minds to move us positively forward. This EFTzone Spotlight brings you six recorded segments for hearing more about The ZPoint Process.

A relatively new tool, Grant Connolly of Toronto, Canada, developed The ZPoint Process. ZPoint is elegant in its simplicity and can also be learned quickly. In fact, if you’ll listen to Part 4 of this EFTzone Spotlight, Grant will actually give you a cue word and teach you ZPoint. He has some free resources on his Website, including ZPoint on a Page, an outline of the Erase the Tape method and an excellent Relationships manual. I also recommend purchasing his book, The ZPoint Process for Instant Emotional Healing, available in e-book or paperback editions. Oh, and see his ZPoint Recordings too.

Grant Connolly has a calm and peaceful demeanor about him. He is passionate about teaching people The ZPoint Process because he knows how it can help change lives. ZPoint was certainly a profound life-changer for him. (Ask him and he’ll tell you that he used to be a very unhappy person.)

Grant is very intuitive and trusts the “unfolding” of how The ZPoint Process will make its way to the public. Shortly, he will be going to Australia to do some ZPoint Programs. Here’s looking at you, Grant. Enjoy listening to Grant Connolly on the EFTzone Spotlight.

For more information on Grant Connolly and the ZPoint Process, please visit his Websites: – Home (

Important Update: Grant Connolly has produced a video introduction to the ZPoint Process and you can view it here. It’s excellent.

Part 1

The ZPoint Process and how it differs from EFT

Part 2

Conscious and subconscious mind, resistance

Part 3

Common threads of energy healing modalities

Part 4

Instructions for learning The ZPoint Process

Part 5

Using The ZPoint Process in your life

Part 6

Grant Connolly’s main message to you


  1. Anonymous /

    And now to the book!!!! FABULOUS!! & beyond! I loved it!!! It is very expansive & in depth as well as very instructive on the mechanics of ZPoint! Simply full of energy! And above all, your heart shines through every line. Such an awesome piece of your soul!

  2. Arkazor /

    Dear Mr. Grant Connolly,

    I think the ZProcess is absolutely amazing! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that there would be such an easy way to release all the negativity and unhealthy memories from your life.

    I must admit that I have got to know A LOT of self-help improvement tools and programs and other energy healing methods, but yours is by far the best I have encountered (so far)!!

    I really enjoy the deep feeling of peace that comes after releasing a certain memory/part of me. I think you have made a wonderful tool and I am seriously thinking about sharing it with the people I know in my country (and to help spread this wonderful technique).

    Now I know that all can go well 🙂

    Thank you again!


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