Energy Harmony Tap Tip

Aug 17, 06 Energy Harmony Tap Tip

How’s your intuition? My intuition will often give me blips, ideas or gems of wisdom when I least expect it. Take this morning, for instance. I was driving my car and while I was at a stoplight, I got a flash to tap on all the EFT points and say a certain phrase. I trust my intuition and knew that in a few minutes I would be at a place that I could park my car and test it out. I did, and I felt really wonderful. It’s quite simple. Let me tell you what the phrase is.

Do a round or two of tapping on the EFT meridian points and say:

My energy flows in harmony with the Universe.

This particular phrase felt really great for me. You might want to change it to:

My energy flows in harmony with God.
My energy flows in perfect harmony.
I allow all of my energy to be 100% flowing.
I choose to let go and be in the flow.

Or say something that is appropriate for your spirituality, religion or beliefs. It’s important to follow your intuition. Check inside for saying what is best for you. Try out one of these inner-tuning tapping tips.


  1. I love this!! Will definitely use it 🙂

  2. Patrick Morrison /

    First off I wanna say that this is really helpful and I’m going to try it. And of course, I’ll keep coming back.

    On a lighter note, we should do tapping every now and then because tapping isn’t just a pastime, it’s a MUST, in my opinion. It not only helps us as individuals but other people, as well. If we’re positive from within and out, we’re going to pass that energy to other people.

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