Video Learning BSFF from Dr. Larry Nims

Aug 21, 06 Video Learning BSFF from Dr. Larry Nims

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to view the DVD set for learning BSFF (Be Set Free Fast). BSFF is different that EFT because there is no tapping involved. Instead, you provide instructions to your subconscious mind and use a cue word to communicate, direct and make desired changes that positively shift your energy. (The ZPoint Process also uses a cue word instead of tapping.) I have the BSFF book and learned a lot from it. This video set nicely complements the book, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the set of DVDs that Dr. Nims and his colleague, Don Elium, have so thoughtfully and skillfully produced.

Providing over eight hours of training, the video set is titled, Be Set Free Fast™, The Lifetime work of Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D. This is the set of videos announced at the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) sixth annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland in April of 2005. What was expected to take six months to video and produce took somewhat longer. After seeing the final product, I see why.

The finished production is exceptional. This is network quality just like you’d see on 60 Minutes, Primetime or other shows from the major networks like ABC, NBC or CBS. The eight hours of video flow along at a nice pace. A lot of videos are good at teaching. This does much more. As you learn BSFF, you’re enlightened, entertained and amazed with how BSFF acts as a tool for quick internal changes by capitalizing on the ability of our subconscious mind. The video set is well organized in chunks so that you can go right to the part you want to see.

I was captivated watching Dr. Larry Nims interact with the “eight brave souls” that he worked with in the videos. He has a magical mix of qualities about him — intuitive, calm, caring, compassionate and humorous. He is a joy to view doing and teaching BSFF. The humanity of Larry Nims gently shines throughout these videos.

The DVD includes eight episodes:

  • Freedom to Perform Under Pressure
  • Freedom to Be the Man I Want to Be
  • Freedom to Finish Well
  • Freedom From Unknown Causes
  • Freedom From Overwhelm
  • Freedom to Choose Love
  • Freedom From Forgiveness
  • Freedom Under Stress

Plus, these special features:

  • Quickstart — the step-by-step instructions for BSFF History of Be Set Free Fast
  • Freedom From the Fear of Death

One of my favorite parts was the history of Be Set Free Fast. Larry talks about being the oldest son from a family of seven children. After going to college and serving in the Army, he became a researcher and then later, a clinical psychologist. Deeply caring about his clients, he didn’t find traditional methods to be that effective. He prayed to find a better way. Ultimately, his faith and determination led him to be the catalyst in developing Be Set Free Fast which is really a descriptive acronym for “Behavioral & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness & Trauma.”Although it’s certainly valuable for therapists, doctors and coaches, as Larry Nims says at the end of the video, the primary purpose of BSFF is for people to use in daily life to be free and have flexible choices instead of automatic programmed reactions. With BSFF, you can guide and direct your life to fit who you really are and be more fulfilled.

Kudos go to Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D. and Producer Don Elium, MA MFT, who have teamed up to provide us with an absolutely superb way to learn BSFF. If you’re ready to grasp BSFF, you’ll want to have the book and the videos. As Larry says, “It serves you right.”

There’s one more treat in store for you. If you’d like to see and hear Larry Nims play the harmonica, get these videos. Oh yes, he’s quite good playing his “harp.”


  1. Ken in Mesa, Arizona, USA /

    A year ago, I started using EFT and experienced some wonderful results. Then, I bought the BSFF manual and treated everything that came to mind as I worked through the common problem treatments therein. I found BSFF to be faster and more complete than EFT. BSFF does not require that you treat specific events. This was important to me as I have deeply repressed many events. Even before I bought the BSFF DVD set, I felt better about myself and my body than at any time in my 50 year life. As I continue to apply the method, I continue to progress.

    I believe the time and money that I have spent on BSFF to be the best I have ever experienced. I highly recommend the BSFF manual and DVD set. The manual comes with a money back guaranty, but I can’t imagine how anyone could apply its simple concepts and procedure without receiving tremendous benefit.

  2. Phyllis Leshoure /

    How can I contact Dr Larry Nims about an important issue?

  3. Phyllis, I hope you saw Larry’s phone and email information at the bottom of the home page. That is the best way to contact him. Actually, phone is probably better.

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