What is Love?

Oct 18, 06 What is Love?

I’ve been thinking about love. It’s the topic of thousands of songs. Love is something that everyone wants. We have at least 1001 ideas of what love is. Everyone has different beliefs and experiences about love. What is love to you? How do you know when you’re in a state of love? How do you “get” love? How do you “give” love? Let’s talk more about this thing called love.

How do you define love? How closely does your definition align with people you’re in close relationships with, including your family and friends? Are you assuming that when you use the word “love” people know exactly what you mean?

Although I’ve heard the gamut of wacky, wonderful and wise definitions for love, I don’t think that there is a universal definition. The word is used in so many different ways. In our culture, love is most often used romantically. Perhaps love is undefinable. It’s beyond words. Ultimately, it’s the personal meaning that you give the word love. To keep things moving along, let’s just say that experientially or intuitively you know what love is.

I’ve been viewing Gary Craig’s two new sets of DVDs on Using EFT for Serious Diseases. In doing EFT with some of the people, years later as adults, the participants were still longing for parental love. For example, it was wanting a father or mother’s acceptance or approval and usually some positive physical affirmation such as a hug.

One of the things that Gary said is that people usually seek love from others. They want to get it. Instead, he offers an exercise to imagine sending love. In order to do that, you must experience love inside you. In essence, you generate love internally first. The paradox is that the way to “get” love is to “give” it. Love comes from the inside to attract it on the outside. Transmit it to receive it. Sending a love “signal” works powerfully, invisibly just like your cell phone or satellite TV.

In the book, The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear, there is an exercise where you sit still and imagine being in a room with 100 other people. You send your heartfelt love to everyone in the room. Your intention is for their happiness and fulfillment. Then you extend radiating love to everyone and everything on this planet and beyond. Try it and see how it feels. Whatever love means to you, there’s an unlimited amount. Exude it. Broadcast it in the feeling airwaves.

Now, imagine a different scenario. Instead of giving love, the 100 people are there to get love. They’re in the room to convince and “sell” to the other people why they should get love — why they deserve it and why they’re worthy of it. It’s all about persuading, negotiating and bartering with each other to get love. There’s only so much to go around and everyone wants their share. There are love winners and losers.

Which scenario would you consciously choose to select and participate in?

You can use EFT to dis-cover all of the love inside of you. It’s already there. There is nothing you need to do to be worthy of it. Nothing you need to do to get it.

Here are some EFT tapping exercises you may want to do regarding love. Do a round of tapping with one of these statements and then another. Or, say a different statement at each tapping point. Play a round.

I release anything that blocks me from feeling love.
I tap into all of the love that I am.
I feel the love within me.
I am love.

I trust that this article sparks you to contemplate and clarify what love is to you and people in your life. The bottom line is that love is feeling good — feeling good about you, just as you are right in this very moment. Love your self. After all …

Even though ______________________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

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  1. All my life seems like i just wanted to be with a partner and just be totally into each other. I have two boys whom are adults now and i love them dearly. I am in a relationship with a man right now and i just want us to have that. He can be very rude and selfish..and yet has this sweet side to him. Which word can i use to help us be in a strong, committed relationship. Help plz.

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