Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA?

Dec 12, 06 Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA?

In our culture we are hooked on labels. In addition to simple political labels like liberal/conservative and left/right, we have many different addictions, afflictions, compulsions, conditions, dis-abilities, dis-eases, dis-orders, fixations, obsessions and syndromes. All of these are labels focused on things that are “wrong, broken, or need to be fixed.”

The problem with labels is that although they simplify and define what things are, they aren’t who we really are. Hopefully, you have RGA — “Recreating Growth Ability.” When you label yourself as anything else, you limit yourself. Remove any labels from your outerwear.

Labels become ingrained in our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Soon, the labels are who we think we are. We’re much more than that. Although labels may describe a condition, we’re more than our conditions.

What if you decide to label yourself as an unlimited being? What if you lock your focus on this belief? You’re continually solving and evolving. You’re changing, arranging and exchanging. You’re flowing, sowing and growing. You’re creating and recreating. If you really feel the need to label yourself, let’s just say that you have “RGA.” Yes, you’ve just been diagnosed with having “Recreating Growth Ability.”

I like what Neale Donald Walsch said:

“Recreate yourself anew in each moment, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision, ever you held about Who You Are.”

Think about it. Let that sink in.

To turn a phrase from a movie, you don’t need no stinking labels (badges)..

Use EFT to go beyond labels. Here are some EFT setup statements you may want to try:

Even though I’ve been labeled as ______________________, I know that I am much more than this, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I’ve bought into the label of ______________________, I choose to believe and feel that I’m an unlimited being.

Even though I have this ______________________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself without condition.

Even though I have this ______________________, I deeply and completely love and accept my whole self.

Even though I have this ______________________, I choose to flow my ever-expanding energy in harmony with all.

What other EFT setup statements might you use to shift beyond your current circumstances? As a person beyond any labels, an unlimited being, how would you choose to think, feel or be? Craft this into an EFT setup phrase for yourself.

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