Regulating a Positive State Bank

Jan 18, 07 Regulating a Positive State Bank

What if you could change your state, your feelings in an instant at the tap of your fingers? Dr. Patricia Carrington has discovered a new way to use EFT where you can tap into a bank and increase your rate of positive feelings, images, sounds and other experiences whenever you need to. As with a bank savings account, you build your assets by making positive experience deposits. Then anytime you need to, you withdraw from your account to feel good on the spot. You have your own self-service feelings bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The difference is that your savings account never depletes. You can keep withdrawing from your deposits again and again. How valuable a tool might this be for you in today’s challenging, fast-paced world?

To explain it briefly, Dr. Carrington says that you capture positive experiences by repeating one simple phrase at each tapping point. You can use this technique with feelings, visual images, sounds and other experiences. Using EFT, you embed or anchor the feelings in your bank vault to preserve or store the experience and then later recall it. When needed, you change your state by tapping again to retrieve those positive experiences and immediately shift your awareness. It’s like the Staples® commercial and you press the red “Easy Button.” Don’t stress it. Press it.

According to Dr. Carrington, here are the two steps to this new method:

First, notice what is actually happening around you. Then select a fleeting experience that you want to capture, much as you would take a snapshot of a physical object in order to preserve it. The experiences you will use for this purpose will be simple ones, small details of life that you might ordinarily ignore.

When a fleeting moment occurs that seems worthy of retaining for later use, put it into a few words that have meaning for you, such as:

“The light coming through the petals of the orchid.”

Or, “The quietness of my breath as I let it slowly out.”

Or, “The way my reading chair cradles me.”

Then “tap in” this experience using EFT. As you do this, the experience will become a valued personal resource that you can draw upon at any time. If you like, you can jot down the phrases you create in a notebook or write them on cards to keep with you and take out and use any time you feel you need to get back to the original positive state.

Dr. Carrington encourages you to experiment with this new technique. If you don’t yet subscribe to her newsletter, you can subscribe here. I highly recommend it. It is always full of valuable ideas and tips on using EFT.

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