EFT Scripts?

Feb 10, 07 EFT Scripts?

Sometimes, newcomers to EFT ask me which point to tap for a specific problem and also which “scripts” to use when doing EFT. First, the beauty of EFT is that you don’t need to diagnose an issue and tap on a specific point. You do a round of tapping on ALL of the EFT energy meridian points without knowing which point(s) are disrupted. Gary Craig discusses this in his free EFT Manual on pages 26 and 27. He says EFT is the end-run around diagnosis. With the “100% Overhaul” concept, by tapping on all of the EFT points, you’ll automatically tap on the right one(s). It’s fast, simple and harmless. What about following scripts?

Yes, some people offer scripts to use when tapping. We typically provide EFT setup phrases to use as examples. The problem with scripts is that they don’t custom fit you and your issue. That’s where you need to tune into and trust your intuition. What feels right to say for you? To me, scripts or setup phrases should only be used as examples — starting points for your own tailor-made setup phrases.

As an example, I was teaching EFT to someone with stiffness and a lack of mobility in in her left arm. She could only raise it so high. I asked her when the problem started and she said about six months ago. The next question was whether anything strongly emotional happened around that time. She said that her mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease, passed away. My intuition was to go with what might be the significance of the problem only being in her left arm. I went with this setup phrase:

Even though I am sad because my mother LEFT me, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This clicked and we had some changes. We didn’t have time to go any further. My hunch is that she needed to delve into this emotional area deeper to explore all aspects and get greater physical relief.

Trust yourself to come up with the setup phrases or “scripts” that are most relevant and that feel right for you.


  1. Rod Sherwin /

    EFT Founder, Gary Craig, talks about EFT happening through you not by you. If we get ourselves out of the way the right words come through. One way I have found to do this is actually to talk fast, ranting or raving, on the issue so that I’m too fast for my internal editor to get in the road. I’m often very surprised at what I hear come out of my mouth doing it this way.

  2. I like Rod Sherwin’s approach to EFT. Unfortunately, our internal editor often gets in the way of our own healing.

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