Combining EFT & “Afformations”

May 14, 07 Combining EFT & “Afformations”

Although most of the time we’re doing it subconsciously, internally we ask a lot of questions. Our minds are like search engines. Ask a question and our minds automatically search for information to provide an answer. Ask positive questions and we’ll get positive answers. Conversely, negative questions beget negative answers. The trick is in asking positive questions consciously. Asking “directed questions” can be more powerful and beneficial than affirming desired results using affirmations. Here’s why.

According to Rex Steven Sykes, Master Trainer of NLP, speaker, business consultant, writer and expert in accelerated learning and brain based learning, people who do affirmations are wasting their time because they are actually setting up internal conflicts that cause them to activate the opposite of what they want. Subconsciously, your brain doesn’t believe your affirmation. Rex explains this in his article, Why Affirmations Don’t Work And How You Can Replace Them With Directed Questions To Get The Results You Want. In EFT, we call these affirmation “tail-enders.” They’re the keys to your resistance and provide you with what to tap on.

One of the people offering an interesting solution to the affirmations dilemma is Noah St. John, co-author of the bestselling book The Great Little Book of Afformations. He uses the term “afformations” instead of affirmations and explains it in this short video clip. He says that if you ask your mind lousy questions, you’ll get lousy answers. So if you have a lousy life going, you’re probably asking lousy questions. How how does this all fit with EFT? EFT expert and innovator, Rebecca Marina, has combined EFT with “afformations” in a creative way.

Below, you’ll find an article that explains the process.

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A Unique Way to Expand EFT

By Rebecca Marina

At my recent EFT seminar on Money, I introduced a way to use EFT that dramatically transformed “resistance.”

I had just read the bestselling book The Great Little Book of Afformations by Noah St John and Denise Beard. In this book, the authors talk about the problem with ordinary “affirmations.” Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t work so well … especially if the affirmation is vastly different from where you are now.

For instance, if you are broke and weigh 300 pounds and affirm, “I am rich and weigh 125 pounds”, a little voice often comes in your head and says, “Are you crazy! You are nowhere near that!” Sound familiar?

The authors state that the human brain is always searching for answers to QUESTIONS.

Think about it – every great thing first started as a question. How can I make more money? How can I lose weight? How can I be happier? The brain has what psychologists call “the embedded presupposition factor” or as Gary explained in one of his videos, “The reticular formation” or in plain English, your built-in radar.

In short, when you ask yourself a question, there is no resistance, the brain just gets busy working on a solution. At my recent EFT seminar, I introduced this method and we used the “afformations” in our EFT setups. It worked just wonderfully and all the participants reported that there was a noticeable “ease” that came with phrasing the positive as a question.

Here are some specific examples of how we used EFT and Afformations. Since the EFT seminar was about abundance the setups had a lot to do with that topic. First we tapped on the problem.

Problem: Even though I have trouble attracting money…

Then Afformation: Why is it getting easier for me to attract money?

Problem: Even though I can’t forgive my parents for all they put me through…

Afformation: Why am I finding it easier to forgive?

Problem: Even though I weigh far more than is healthy…

Afformation: Why am I making healthier choices?

Problem: Even though I hate to exercise…

Afformation: Why am I finding it easier to exercise?

Make sure to “tap in” that afformation. If you want to start your day with some positive tapping you could have a round like this. Tapping just on the positive,

Why is this day so fabulous?

Why do people love me so much?

Why do I attract the best customers?

Why is life so good to me?

Why am I attracting the love of my life?

Why am I attracting the answers to so many of my problems?

Remember, the afformations are powerful by themselves but when you add the EFT, you really kick it up a notch. Also, if you use this Afformation system, make sure to give credit to the authors of The Great Little Book of Afformations (for the afformation part) Noah St John and Denise Beard.

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  1. Excellent! The minds that put this together must be congratulated.

    I am finally walking my talk!


  2. Hi, this is Noah St. John, inventor of Afformations.

    Great post! Thought you might like this…

    A 60-second Stress Buster (free) at:

    Because I show you a quick, simple way to use Afformations to relieve stress & get what you want TWICE as fast with HALF the effort.

    Let me know how it works for you.

    Ask away,

  3. Arama /

    Kia ora Noah…

    I read about this technology in a business document which gave the basic requirements of it, so I decided to check it out on the net and your site came up.

    It changes the whole outlook of anything!
    When one is selling and thinks “Why is it that I attract the best customers” and they do…one feels very humbly powerful!
    The confidence that generates within one is profound!

    Like the Ark, you have saved me!!!

    New Zealand.
    11.21am Saturday 28 March 2009

  4. mark /

    I am begining the process. I can honestly say as soon as i asked myself positve questions i felt better inside. I feel this will work because i know i have been asking the right questions the wrong way.

  5. “Why am I healthy?” is a great question. But don’t forget, “HOW did I become so healthy?” and “WHAT did I do to become so healthy?”

    It is like it’s already been established, and with that last question you will find the steps to get there.

    I do believe affirmations work, but I find that a lot of people use the wrong affirmations, like you can also ask yourself the wrong questions. Also, there are some techniques out there that allow you to get affirmations to your subconscious mind. Since you’re bypassing your conscious mind, it doesn’t get the time to judge it.

    But Afformations work great as well. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi from Brazil….can i have a more detailed example on this kind of tapping?I love afformations and want to understand the use of it plus EFT

    thx a lot

  7. I just started learning about afformations and plan to make them part of my self-talk. I’ve really enjoyed my experiences so far. Or should I say, self-questioning? And I love EFT so they seem like a match made in heaven.

    I’m just wondering if maybe there can be some resistance to the question, at least consciously if not subconsciously. IE: Why am I so rich? Answer- I’m not rich, what are you talking about…?

  8. Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D. /

    I have used “affirmations” combined with EFT to remove the “tail-enders” and manifest $70,000 of unexpected income. I’m going to try the “afformations” which I call “good questions” and see what happens. Thanks for the new twist in appreciative inquiry.

  9. Can you tap on only the positive? Every EFT source I’ve looked at says you must tap on the negative. Or tap on the negative first and the positive after. The latter I have tried to good effect. But sometimes I would only like to tap on positive suggestions.

    I’m already using afformations, such as “Why am I so happy and thankful for my wonderful life?” There’s definitely a shift in my thinking when I do that one for a few minutes.

  10. Student here,

    never thought about combining the two together, despite the fact I knew about both of them. I just used “Even though I have this internal rejection towards Mathematics GCSE, why am I finding it easier and easier right now?” and “Even though I have this disconnection to motivation for work, why is the motivation easily coming back?”. I did this several times and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. Interesting! Great read and the free content is worth BIG BUCKS if used correctly, thank you.

  11. Hello, I originated Directed Questions (TM) in 1980 and contributed it to NLP through live seminars and training and in my home study materials and articles. Here is an article I found recently chronically the history. If you look into other works you will see my original examples and points of interest.

    Questions direct the brain and are extremely useful. We have been using them since we could speak.

    Enjoy learning how to direct you brain for positive change!

    Affirmations do absolutely work but you do them differently than Directed Questions (TM) to get similar results. IN fact you may use both for added positive results.

    Enjoy using questions!

    Rex Sikes

  12. Thanks for finally writing about >Combining EFT & Afformations | Tapping
    EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques EFTzone <Liked it!

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