Anger Management %@#&!

Jul 06, 07 Anger Management %@#&!

Hey, people get angry. It’s a normal emotion. Sometimes anger can even be a helpful way to make a decision or get motivated to act on an important issue. The problem is that a lot of people haven’t learned ways to let go of their anger. They hold onto it until it builds into an unhealthy emotional state. As a result, we see anger and rage in politics, sports, driving, and nasty divorces. Anger Management is becoming an industry. Probably the most well known firm in anger management is Anderson & Anderson, located in Brentwood California. Check out their blog, Notes from the World of Anger Management. Robert Siegel did an interesting piece on National Public Radio called The Anger Management Industry.

For a bit of humor, check out this video of Mitch Hedberg’s Dr. Fizzel’s Anger Mangement group session from Comedy Central.

Also, this video clip from the movie, Anger Management, shows you how to handle anger while driving. Humor is a good way to quickly defuse anger.

On a more serious note, recently I met with a young man who had anger issues with his parents. He wasn’t at all interested in using EFT to release his anger. At the time, he wouldn’t tell me why and I respected his reasons. What he didn’t understand was the impact his anger had on himself. According to an article in the Harvard University Gazette, Anger Can Break Your Heart: A Hostile Heart is a Vulnerable Heart, in one study “hotheads” were six times more likely to suffer heart attacks by age 55 and three times more likely to develop any form of heart or blood vessel disease. In an Israeli study of 200 stroke patients, researchers linked a bout of intense anger to a 14-fold increase in risk of stroke within two hours of the emotional incident.

Anger is a bigger detriment to you than the person or thing that sparks your anger. Simply put, anger is gripped, contained energy that ultimately needs to get released so your energy flows again. EFT is an excellent tool to do this. Here are some articles on Using EFT for Rage and Anger Management. Magus from offers a free video on Anger Management. In addition, other effective ways of releasing anger are The Zpoint Process and The Sedona Method. Let me end with two quotations about anger.

“Physiologically, it simply doesn’t matter whether your anger is justified or not. The body doesn’t make moral judgments about feelings; it just responds.”
— Doc Lew Childre and Howard Martin of HeartMath

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
— Buddha

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