Do You Forget or Won’t Do It?

Jul 19, 07 Do You Forget or Won’t Do It?

If you know how to do EFT, do you tap regularly? If not, why? Are you too busy? Do you forget? You might want to explore what’s underneath your not doing it. To find out some answers, listen to Carol Look and Rick Wilkes’ Tap Talk Radio #18, I Am Not Using My EFT. Some of the points they bring up are that you may be afraid to change, want to feel safe or not like the discomfort that bubbles up. You resist doing EFT and taking action to move forward. Also read Carol’s Resistance to Doing EFT. Or, do you simply “forget about it.”

If remembering to do EFT is your issue, perhaps you need to work on installing EFT as a daily habit. EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington, has some clearcut strategies on this in her article, Eight Easy Ways to Remember to Do EFT. You’ll also benefit from other articles she’s written, including Why Do People Resist EFT? Be sure to discover more about Dr. Carrington at her Tapping Central website. You’ll find a lot of excellent information from one of the most respected EFT Masters and experts in energy psychology.

Do EFT routinely until it becomes a positive habit just like exercising. An important key is to reward yourself in a way that’s most appropriate for you every time you do EFT. That way, you’ll anchor it.

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  1. Rod Sherwin /

    I have also written an answer as to why some clients do not tap even when they know EFT will help them based on Anthony Robbins 6-Human Needs Psychology

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