Shining the Spotlight on Lindsay Kenny

Aug 02, 07 Shining the Spotlight on Lindsay Kenny

When I was in college, I read a book by John Powell titled, Why am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? In the book, the author said that for a person to reveal his or her self takes the rawest kind of courage and that we can only know that much of ourselves as we have the courage to confide in others. EFT Master Practitioner, Lindsay Kenny is not afraid to tell you who she is. In fact, she openly shares her life experiences mentioning her “horrible” childhood, being poor and the time in her life where there was such a fog of depression, she was on the verge of suicide. This led her to discovering EFT which was a major turning point in her life and career. Today, as an EFT Master Practitioner, her practice is thriving.

She’s had a diverse career. Lindsay has been a commercial real estate broker, owner of a relationship matchmaking company, a communications consultant, a personal growth trainer, an abstract artist, and a life coach. Oh yes, she was even in car sales briefly. She has always pursued what piqued her interest. Each thing was a component and catalyst in her evolution. She learned a lesson from everything, and wholly all of these experiences have enabled her to better relate to her clients. Throughout her life, the common thread and driving force for Lindsay has been to be of service to others.

When you listen to this EFTzone Spotlight, you’ll find that what makes Lindsay Kenny so likable is because she’s refreshingly candid. You’ll connect with her stories because she openly shares who she is. She gives. That’s part of the warmth of her magic. Yes, Lindsay Kenny is magical. And, she would say that if she is, so are you.

Here are a few excellent tips from Lindsay on using EFT:

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Part 1

Fog of depression; suicidal thoughts; what led her to EFT; effects of a lifetime of negativity; getting people to try EFT; playing the game of life to win instead of not lose.

Part 2

Why she uses EFT as her only tool; why people sometimes feel bad after doing EFT; reversals, secondary benefit syndrome, biggest EFT impediments and stumbling blocks; 90 percent of client issues go back to childhood.

Part 3

Discusses her cutting-edge techniques such as the “Ultimate Truth Statement,” the “Golden Gate” and “Bundling Baggage” techniques; the advantages of attending live workshops.

Part 4

Clients who are doctors and psychiatrists; why EFT is not so well known; the Apex Effect; her goals for EFT; how the EFT Masters program has affected her practice; a couple of her favorite EFT stories.

Part 5

Finding the value in negative events; how strengths often blossom through adversity; focusing and manifesting (the law of attraction); her career evolution; how she turned her life around; am I magical?


  1. Megan Lazaruk /

    I am going through a hard time in life right now and being able to listen to the spotlight casts is comforting and gives me inspiration. EFT is quite new to me, and sometimes it has worked in an amazing way that I confidently have to say I beleive in it’s use. And there are other more emotional issues that I have not had such easy success with. I am encouraged tonight to spend more time trying to accomplish the freedom I am looking for, by using EFT. This way I will be able to use it life long and perhaps share it with others.

    Thank You Lindsay; I like listening to your voice. thank You.

  2. Kathleen Quintana /

    This article is amazing and healing. My only objection to Lindsay Kenny is the hourly rate she charges. Her having grown up poor then charging 160 dollars an hour with her sessions 1and 1/2 hours is not right. What! Did she upgrade to a new luxury car and home, clothes, etc.! Is she donating all that money to some organization or charity? It costs me the same as anyone to buy a plane ticket, gas up the car, groceries, utilities, etc. I would charge according to a sliding scale for everyone! Rich or poor pay according to a ratio of affordability. That way everyone is accepted for help. Not just those who are well off or who have charge cards with big allowances!!

  3. Kathleen,

    Regarding your comments, I have a whole different perspective. How differently would you feel if you were happy for Lindsay and felt inspired that the triumphs she had could also happen for you?

    What if you were happy for her success? Happy for her new luxury car, home, clothes, etc. Happy that she doesn’t charge over $200 like some other therapists. Happy that it’s not $800 like many corporate law firms. What if you were pourin’ out the love vibes to her?

    Honoring other people’s success is a superb way of amping up good things to come your way. It’s Lindsay’s life, her time. How she chooses to spend it is up to her. And, there’s this thing called market demand. Obviously, she gets results and attracts clients who think she’s worth it or she wouldn’t have any. They’d be going to EFT practitioners who charge $50 a session. (There’s your sliding scale.)

    Further, we have no idea what kinds of charitable and pro bono things Lindsay does. She doesn’t owe anybody anything. Giving isn’t forced. It’s a choice that comes freely from the heart and spirit. Personally, I find Lindsay to be a very open, positive and giving person.

    Lastly, quite frankly I’m tired of “poor is humble, rich sucks.” It’s a lousy, disempowering belief.

  4. Linda /

    Here, here and right on Ron! Bless you for your words around Lindsay’s worth.

    And bless you Kathleen for speaking your truth. I’d allow in Ron’s suggestion of being happy for Lindsay’s overcomings so that you may also prosper.

    It’s too easy to begrudge someone else’s good forturne when we are coming from a belief in lack and “hard times.” There have always been those that prospered in “hard times.” It’s about not buying in to the popular negative worldly beliefs and outpicturings and creating your own good fortune – on all levels of your experiences.

    You can do it. Plenty of free tap-alongs on YouTube to help with prosperity awareness – let it in, you’re meant to prosper as well.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  5. Smiley /

    I cannot agree more with Ron and Linda – well done to you both.

    To Kathleen, please consider what Linda wrote seriously. I learned a saying many years ago, which states: “What goes around, comes around” and I found it to be very true.

    It only affects ME. If I grumble about other people and what they do, about the economy or the politics, I am only creating lack in my own life, it doesn’t affect them a bit.

    But if I “allow” them to have abundance (and do with it what they like), I actually opens MYSELF to receive abundance.

    We can only change ourselves and that is the place to begin… My dear mother always said: “Charity begins at home!”

    If you have abundance, you’ll be so busy enjoying it, you won’t have time to be concerned about how others spend theirs.

    Allow me to give a e-hug 😉 Don’t feel bad about speaking out – it was just your “inner you” that wanted to break out, so that it can heal and create the life you desire! It’s all right, we love you, and look forward to hearing about the changes that EFT creates in your life!

    Love, blessings and hugs to all!

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