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Aug 23, 07 Oxygen Eyes

Did you know that your eyes are oxygen processors and need a lot of oxygen to stay healthy and comfortable? As you age, particularly between 35 and 50, you need more energy to focus your eyes for reading. And, contrary to making people more productive, computers may do just the opposite. Computer vision stress causes people to see less, do less and be generally less efficient. Instead of reading with a light reflecting off a fixed page, with a computer the light is constantly flashing to a beat frequency of 60 Hz. Also, right now, there is a constant muscle spasm as your eyes search for the fonts on your computer screen. In your health regimen, don’t overlook your eyes. The key to improved vision is relearning relaxed vision habits. Do everything you can to keep your eyes flexible and strong. Let me tell you about one of the most fascinating EFT videos.

In one of Gary Craig’s videos, Dr. Larry Jebrock provides over two hours of captivating information, including using EFT for vision issues. A behavioral optometrist, he talks about ways emotions can affect our vision and how we can improve our vision by using EFT. He says there’s a lot of unconsciousness when it comes to people’s eyes. Dr. Jebrock uses EFT every day himself and with his patients. Besides talking about common vision problems, a few of the interesting things he discusses are pinhole glasses, microstimulation glasses, and image-streaming. In a friendly, engaging style, he also teaches the audience several vision exercises. You can do them along with the video.

Switching gears, not long ago, EFT Master Practitioner Carol Look did an interesting eight-week study in 2006 with 100 people providing written instructions for using EFT on a variety of emotional and vision issues. The results were that nearly 75 percent of the participants indicated an improvement in their vision. Click here to read a 16 page report of the study (PDF). For more in-depth information, get Carol’s book Improve Your Eyesight With EFT. I’d also suggest going to EFT Universe and doing a search for using EFT for specific eye problems.

In 1999, the American Vision Institute created a product called the See Clearly Method, which a company known as Vision Improvement Technologies marketed from 1999 to 2006. As mentioned, the SCM kits sold for several hundred dollars. Because of legal issues, VIT has since gone out of business.

There is plenty of information available on improving vision and eyesight. Here is just a smattering of resources.

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Caring for your eyes is an important ongoing process. In the EFT video, Dr. Jebrok says, “The muscles of your eyes are contracting and relaxing in response to your thoughts and images even when your eyes are closed.” Before you go to bed at night may be an excellent time to do EFT and some eye relaxation exercises as you drift into slumber.


  1. Hi,
    I’ve used EFT a lot, especially for clients with faalangst, feaer of failure in Dutch.
    Since a couple of months I’ve noticed my eye sight is not as good as it used to be. I’ll start using EFT to improve my eye sight. Thanks for the information.

  2. kay sibley /

    I’m trying to get back into eft

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