Turning a Curse Into a Blessing

Oct 22, 07 Turning a Curse Into a Blessing

Gwenn Bonnell is one of the co-authors of the popular EFT book, Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical & Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping. She wrote an excellent chapter on pain management. In the following story, Gwenn shares how she used EFT at a recent family gathering to show her mother how to to make a slight shift in thinking from the negative to the positive, turning a curse into a blessing to get rid of pain. How might you creatively apply this technique to resolve other issues you may have?

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A couple of weeks ago I my family gathered in California to celebrate my brother’s marriage to a wonderful woman. As with any family gathering, I had a few EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) sessions with family members.

My mom had some stabbing pain in her left foot, which started a week or so before when mom was walking her dog Bella. Mom tried to take off after Bella when the dog broke into a run. Immediately, Mom felt a stabbing pain in the middle of her foot. It hobbled her so much she had to limp home, walking on the side of her foot.

We did some EFT, focusing on the symptoms and the event, and the pain reduced to a 1 or 2, but we couldn’t get it to a zero. So I asked Mom what her emotional response was when she first felt the pain. She couldn’t remember feeling any emotion. So I asked what was the first thought that went through her head?

It was, “Damn! Now I’m NOT going to be able to walk on this foot!”

Immediately, I though of Huna and Serge Kahili King’s instructions, to “bless” instead of “curse.”

Perhaps what Mom was doing was cursing her foot, unknowingly expanding that energy and therefore, could not completely let go of the pain. Maybe what she needed to do was bless her foot … maybe that would allow her to let go of the pain. So we incorporated this into the EFT process. It went something like this:

KC POINT: Even though I felt this stabbing pain in my foot when I took off after Bella, and my first thought was, “Damn, I won’t be able to walk on this foot again,” I forgive myself, I accept myself, and I choose to remember that I have been walking on this foot pain free for over 70 years. I thank my foot for being so loyal and supporting me all these years, and I bless my foot for allowing me to walk pain free for many more years.

EB: I did feel that pain
SE: And I thought, “Damn I won’t be able to walk again”
UE: But I am walking again
UN: I have been walking on this foot for decades
CH: And I thank my foot for supporting me all these years
CB: I bless my foot because it knows how to support me
UA: And I forgive my foot for causing me any pain
TH: It was just sending me a message not to do that movement anymore
IF: I learned my lesson
MF: I choose to honor my foot and treat it well
LF: I choose to be grateful for all the support it has given me
KC: And for all the support it will continue to give me for years to come!

Guess what? Mom got up and walked on her foot and the pain was gone!

Even if you don’t know EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you can use this thought process to change your life. It is based on a universal law of energy, “what you focus on expands,” (nowadays known as the Law of Attraction).

My Huna Energy Alignment audio explains this in more detail. In the “Blessings Meditation,” I lay out the simple steps to attract more health, happiness, prosperity, success, self-confidence, love and friendship, and inner peace into your life.

May blessings be your gift, both given and received,


Gwenn Bonnell


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