Hristo’s Energy Clearing

Nov 15, 07 Hristo’s Energy Clearing

Hristo Hristov, from Bulgaria, used to have a site called Energy Healing Forums. According to Hristo, he’s had some amazing experiences with energy healers during the last few years, using EFT, BSFF, NLP and other therapies. He wanted to a place to meet and discuss energy healing with other people so he started the site. It’s no longer online. A ways back, I did read an excellent, innovative post he did on clearing subconscious blocks or resistances.

Energy Healing Through the Subconscious Mind

by Hristo Hristov

For the past month, I have been experimenting with a variety of energy techniques, involving asking the subconscious mind to do all the work for you. Here’s the premise:

  1. Everything is energy.
  2. Energy blockages cause us to not be healthy, to generally feel bad.
  3. Energy blockages are what’s preventing us from being whatever we want (healthy, rich bla bla).
  4. Our subconscious mind is generally super powerful and faithful. We can ask it to do a lot of things for us, provided we don’t have resistance over what we are asking.
  5. Intention moves energy and then energy manifests in our reality.

When you think about everything as just energy, there is much less resistance. You do not think about feelings, beliefs, memories, etc. You think it is just energy. The good thing is 99 percent of us don’t have resistance around asking our subconscious to do energy clearings. We may have resistance around a pain, but we do not have resistance over the energy that is causing the pain. Here is the general procedure. You can do it while relaxing at home, or you can do it while walking, working whatever. It has been working all the time for me. You are going to tell your subconscious mind to do some energy work for you. The exact words are not that important. It is the intention that is really important. While telling these commands, intend them.

Example: Your back is a little tight and you want to release the tension. Tell (in your own mind) and intend this to your subconscious mind:

Subconscious mind, immediately clear/release/free me of all energies that are resisting/contradicting the following: My back is very relaxed and light.” Repeat My back is very relaxed and light 5-10 times while intending the clearing/release.

That’s it. You can try variants like:

Subconscious mind, immediately clear all energies that you have access to [we don’t know the true limits of what our subconscious mind has access to] that are resisting the following: …”

You can also say say things like:

Subconscious mind, clear all energy obstacles to the following: My back is very relaxed and light.”

Subconscious mind, immediately and forever let go of all energies that do not believe the following: …” Limiting beliefs are just energy that we can release whenever we want.

I am not buying that you must state everything in the positive. I have worked with affirmations like, “I never have / no longer have any allergies.” It works. You can also add feeling to the affirmation like: I feel my back relaxed and light. Or I am very happy because I feel my back relaxed.

After you state “the following”, you can say your affirmation OR you can visualize something desired. For example, when I imagined my father smiling at me and telling me he loves me, I got an amazing release of tension at the roof of my mouth. I have visualized lifting enormous weights in the gym and I received immediate strength boosts. The procedure seems to work very fast for relaxing muscles and physical things like being strong, etc.

Always state the desired result! You are clearing the energies that are resisting/contradicting the desired result.

Another powerful variant I have tried is that energy has consciousness, meaning and intentions so we can actually install messages and intentions in our energy system.

Subconscious mind, install this powerful intention/message (as a top priority) all over my energy body: My back is perfectly healthy.”

Another useful clearing I have used with good results is Chakra clearings.

Chakras are very powerful energy centers where vortexes of energy spin and pull energy to our bodies and push energy out of our bodies. These centers process vast amounts of energy and they also contain garbage (energy that’s resisting our well-being).

Subconscious mind, immediately open all of my chakras and release all energies that are contradicting/resisting the following: My back is relaxed.” The chakras will start spinning and releasing the resistant energies out of our bodies.

By the way, I am starting to see energy as a colorful mist. I am seeing it very clearly in the dark or when I close my eyes. I have always been seeing the colors of the top three chakras (blueish and green) except for once: when I worked on “I have no allergies,” I saw yellow. The clearings are definitely engaging the chakras even without using the chakra clearing statements since I have been seeing colorful movements of energy.

You can also do general clearings (without focusing on specific problems).

Subconscious mind, immediately clear all energies that are in any way resisting the free flow of energy through my body.”

You can also target specific parts of your body like:

Subconscious mind, immediately release all energy cysts (blocked energy) from my teeth/gums/neck…”

Experiment with these and let me know. I have had outstanding progress in weightlifting by using these clearings. I have cleared energy on money/health/performance issues, but clearing muscle tension works fastest for me since it manifests immediately. Generally, the released energy goes out through the chakras, the hands and the mouth. I have also found that you need to work at least a few days on a specific affirmation before all the major blocks are released. I have also found that energy resistance can accumulate also after you have cleared the previous ones. So I guess frequent work will provide best results.


  1. Sherri Munsey /

    I am so glad to see this article. I have used affirmations, but never really thought about asking my subconcious mind to release resistant energy. I will let you know how things go.

    Sherri Munsey

  2. OrarryCah /

    Just now looked through the topic! great work.

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