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Nov 30, 07 For Skeptics Only

It’s normal for people to be skeptical about EFT because it’s so out of the ordinary and different from what we know. Funny thing, I wasn’t skeptical about EFT when I learned about it seven years ago. Like many people, I came across EFT quite by accident. Being curious I thought, “How weird and interesting, can’t hurt, I’ll try it.” Skepticism is handy. Just don’t make it a way of life. I like what Steve Pavlina said in his post, The Death of Skepticism, “If our beliefs are just a self-fulfilling prophecy, then the prophecy of skepticism is a lame one to fulfill. All you manifest is evidence that causes you to continue doubting. It would be hard to manifest a more boring reality than that.”

If you’re skeptical about EFT my question is, “What are your intentions?” Are they to “prove” that EFT and other healing modalities are “wrong” or don’t work, or is your skepticism just a temporary state until you discover by direct experience one way or another for yourself?

The dictionary defines a skeptic as a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual, or a person who maintains a doubting attitude. The problem with sustaining a skeptical attitude is that it slams the door to being open to even one iota of possibilities. Do you want to be open or closed? An open-minded skeptic doubts but does not deny. It’s fine to initially not accept or believe in EFT until you determine for yourself.

Skepticism is a learned behavior. Show me a three year old skeptic. No way. Children are naturally inquisitive with a fascination and sense of wonder about the world. While they may be tentative about something new, children are not skeptical. They’re willing to court their experiences instead of “a priori” judgments.

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In one of Gary Craig’s EFT videos, a skeptical young woman says, “I guess I’d have to know that it works on something for me to believe it.” To me that’s healthy skepticism. She’s willing to discover for herself (and she positively does). What I find surprising about some skeptics is that they laugh off or dismiss the whole idea of EFT without ever lifting a finger. They’re glued to their beliefs about what’s possible and impossible. We all play through life within the boundaries of our own beliefs. The game is to gain more empowering beliefs and ditch the limiting ones. How grand do you want to make your life?

Gary Craig must have realized that there would be a lot of skeptics about EFT. He built a Website full of hundreds of case stories on the various ways to use EFT for emotional and physical issues. The people submitting the stories of their experiences with EFT come from both professional healthcare and lay people. It’s hard for skeptics to dispute the plethora of information from so many different sources.

Will EFT work for you? Who knows. Are you willing to try it? Suspend your disbelief and explore for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with doubting something. Just don’t be the skeptic who coughs up intellectual arguments. Come from your own personal experiences tapping away with EFT.

Let me end with a quote from, Skepticism May Be Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed:

The skeptic says, “Let’s see if this will work.” The intelligent person says, “Let’s see this work.”

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  1. Disciple /

    I believe a true skeptic would ask for the evidence.. Testimonies are the weakest form of evidence because in general people are easily manipulated, gullible, and often plain stupid. Astrology, Tarot Card Reading and Dowsing are a few New Age phenomena that are founded on non-scientific “theories” (i.e. not testable) and they all offer tons of testimonies! Pseudo-scientific theories as Homeopathy are no better.. In the free ebook Gary Craig hints of a scientific basis for EFT but he doesn’t discuss it further. He only references a few books which I now actively seek.
    I am a newcomer to EFT and it has had some success for me but this is not enough. I need the truth, not a sugar pill. The placebo effect is very powerful so if all there is in EFT is placebo I have no need for it, I might as well pray or go to a spiritual meeting and talk to my dead grandmother if that would make me feel better..

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