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Dec 07, 07 FREE Wisdom Between Your Ears

One of the things I did in the past was to do interviews and produce radio shows in Hollywood with popular recording artists. It’s a skill you sharpen. Your don’t just pop a microphone in front of someone and start talking. Doing the best interviews takes research, being prepared, listening well and then being flexible to follow your intuition and stay “in the zone” of the interview. I want to share with you three sources of excellent free interviews. I highly recommend that you listen to them if you want to tune your skills with EFT and develop your full potential. What’s nice is that you can download the interviews to your iPod or computer for your listening convenience.

First, let me tell you about a great site for listening to book author interviews. The Website is called Written Voices Podcasts. What makes this site so special beyond the information from the authors being interviewed is the interviewer, Allan Hunkin. He’s got a firm grasp of the book’s contents, knows how to ask questions that gets the authors to perk up, and listens well. Clearly, he loves what he’s doing. Allan Hunkin is superb. Check him out. You can browse by category on the home page or go right to the personal growth section. Great stuff.

Now, let’s get specifically to EFT. EFT Master Carol Look is one of the co-authors in the book, Freedom at Your Fingertips. She’s full of positive energy. If you’ve ever seen her at a conference or seminar, she’s intuitive and does EFT at a rapid pace. From May, 2005 to October, 2006, Carol did a series of 65 interviews. For example, you can listen to Gary Craig, Dr. Patricia Carrington, David Feinstein, Cheryl Richardson, Steve Wells, Dr. Bruce Lipton and three people featured in the movie, The SecretJoe Vitale, Mike Dooley and Bob Doyle. If you’d like to hear the one I did with Carol on stress, it’s here. Be sure to check out Carol’s Website on attracting abundance. Carol also has a series of insightful interviews she did with co-author Rick Wilkes called Tap Talk Radio. Her latest series of interviews is with the founding EFT Masters. Let’s give a round of applause to Carol and all of the masterful interviews she’s done.

Another co-author is Angela Treat Lyon. When you check out her Website you’ll wonder where she gets all her energy to pursue her variety of entrepreneurial ventures. What is this woman going to do next? Angela likes to share what she’s learned and she does it well. She’ll dare you out of your comfort zone. Check out I Dare You Radio and books. What motivates Angela and fuels her fire? Let me quote her. “I’m a pretty radical gal who loves to inspire and see people take hold of their lives and run for all they’re worth into a glorious play of success, health and wealth — that gets better and better and better for as long as they live.” Listen to Angela.

There you go. You’ll keep busy for a while with all of this free wisdom for your ears. Remember, learning is a lifetime process. Your private “Unlimited University” starts after high school or college. Now, it’s your turn. You get to choose what you want to learn for the simple joy of it.

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