Lawyer’s Itch

Jan 10, 08 Lawyer’s Itch

Before you run out and by some skin lotion, scalp conditioner or other drugstore item to relieve itching, you might want to see if there’s something emotional underneath it. What are you itching to do, or change? Are there feelings of frustration showing up as itching? Is somebody getting under your skin? Here’s a very interesting article, titled, Lawyer’s Skin Condition Clears After Tapping on the Stress Associated with Being a New Lawyer, by JoAnn SkyWatcher. There’s clearly a correlation between the emotional and the physical. As Gary Craig mentions, “Notice how she reduces the emotional issues down to conflicts within.”

Here are some other good EFT articles related to skin conditions:

The answer might be right there at your fingertips instead of a lotion or tube. That’s why we say, “Try EFT on Everything.”

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