Won’t Accept Yourself?

Jan 23, 08 Won’t Accept Yourself?

Some people have difficulty buying into the second part of the EFT setup affirmation — “… I deeply and completely accept myself.” How does this feel when you say it? What’s your SUDS level? Basically you’re acknowledging that even though you have this problem you accept that’s the way it is right now — problem and all. You dissolve resistance. The phrasing is integrative. Instead of splitting, dividing or conflicting, it unites. You might try, “…I deeply and completely accept how I am in this moment,” or “… I fully accept how things are and my ability to change.” Then, of course, there is Dr. Patricia Carrington’s “Choices Method.” If you want to read an excellent article on other factors in saying the setup, check out Andy Hunt’s posting, EFT for Self Acceptance: Part 1 on his blog, Practical Wellbeing. Very insightful.

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