EFT & Feng Shui Experiment

Feb 08, 08 EFT & Feng Shui Experiment

Back in December, I went to a charity auction and won a four-hour Feng Shui consultation by Taylor Vance of Feng Shui Studio. Although I’d heard of Feng Shui, I really didn’t know anything about it. Feng Shui offers ways to be in harmony with your environment. It made sense to me that if EFT is about clearing blocks of energy internally, Feng Shui is like EFT for your house. I thought, “I wonder how EFT might be combined with Feng Shui?”

A few weeks before our appointment, we filled out a questionnaire, provided drawings of our house location survey plat and blueprints of each floor. Taylor came to our home, walked the property with us and then we went through the house room by room. Along the way she gave us tips and ideas. (I took a lot of notes.) I thought what she offered was very interesting and educational. The beauty of Feng Shui is it’s like EFT. Do it and see what results you get. Why not?

Afterwards, as I was sitting at the table with Taylor and my wife, I had an idea zip across my brainwaves about EFT and Feng Shui. Before I tell you my idea, I need to preface it by mentioning a key tool Feng Shui practitioners use — an ancient model called a bagua. Here are a couple of diagrams of a bagua. For simplicity, we’ll use the bagua below on the right.

Bagua1   Bagua2

The Feng Shui practitioner overlays the bagua over the floorplan of your home. The front door is at one of the three areas where it says Entrance Quadrant. Each of the eight outer areas, called a gua, is relative to an area of our lives. The center, called the t’ai chi, correlates generally with our health and well-being. Stay with me. I’m about to bring in the EFT.

What if you did EFT on an issue in the corresponding location (gua) of your home? For example, with a relationship problem, what if you physically went to the back right section of your home to do EFT on this specific issue? If that’s where the relationship energy is, might it amp up the results in doing EFT? Or if you had money stresses, go to the rear left (wealth, prosperity, abundance) section of your home and do EFT. Health problems? Go to that gua. And, if you wanted to feel more centered, would it be more effective if you went to the middle area of your home and did some EFT?

Although I’m just giving you a cursory look at Feng Shui, this is an idea you may want to test and notice what happens. Let me know what you discover.

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